Sunday, August 7, 2011


Isn't it awful when you have the itch to DO something and can't? Or when the creativity bug bites hard and there is no outlet for it? No project to do?

Lately I've had the horrible urge to make things. The pretty patterns I see on sale, the beadwork I see in magazines... I want to draw my D&D character. Or outfits on the cutout like we used to do with the lightbox. I keep seeing the jean top I made (which I broke trying to get on one day, but still have) and how it could be tweaked to make cute variations with collars or maybe even sleeves like a jacket. For those who don't know, that top was a pair of regular jeans turned upside down and made into a halter top. I'd have to wiggle into it because at the time I made it, I had no clue how to make a closure, so the pants zipper opened like usual, but the actual top was stitched closed. Anyway, it was a really cute crop-top halter. I miss the jeans I used to wear with it a whole bunch.

Anyway, I can't wait to have a place of our own and a paycheck so that theoretically, I'd have hobby money. There is  Jo-Ann fabric here as well as a Micheal's, and a bead store, though I haven't been in it yet. If they are too expensive I know I could get a FireMountainGems catalogue. I really want a light box, especially when it comes to writing down the design ideas I have.

Sometimes I want to draw a frog on a bicycle (or a very human-like one as the model for pattern designs. Froggy Creations, or somesuch). I think that would be so neat.

Part of this huge bolt of inspiration came from creating my new character for the Pathfinder roleplaying game (a non-violent priest healer) and giving myself a headache one night by going from books to computer screen to television for an hour of exercise. Those viewing distance changes are a sure formula for head pain. But Excedrin just before bed is a bad idea- it has caffeine. So I was wound up from P90 and fantasy RP research, and spent 4 hours laying in bed thinking of things, trying to sleep but too excited to do so.
To be honest, I sort of enjoyed the vivid imaginings.

Anyway, figured I'd share.


  1. oh soon enough kiddo. before you know it you two will get your own place and work will start. then you'll be like oh man I don't have time for this. Yes it's a good idea to write down your ideas when you get them, unfortunitly you'll have to use the old method of paper and pencil. hee hee, what a blast from the past huh? have a good time baby and I love you.

  2. Hey paper and pencil is prefferable :P love you too.

    and guess what? your comments post, now

  3. Doesn't Jess have a light box? If not i'm sure i can dig one up for you... you know me. Ask and you shall within reason.. Love you

  4. She did. The light went out, but after that I'm not sure what happened to it.

    I have the paper-mache globe to finish now, and we got me some beads on our anniversary to make a necklace for a friend to trade for painting. Have to decide what kind to make...
    I would love a light-apparatus though. I'm being good and using my phone to memopad some things I might like for christmas to make a real list, hehe.