Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Saturday

It was good to come back to work this week, though I was operating on slightly less sleep than I was supposed to get all week. So when Friday rolled around, I was ready to sleep pretty much as soon as my route was over. Hubby ended up working late, but came and got me, and I had a short nap in the car. We actually went to midnight bowling with my dad, and I was feeling much better after the nap, so we I didn't get to bed until 4am. We went shopping after bowling.
The kids were decent all week too. I know I lost my temper and snapped at a girl one morning. Her mom called me to make sure I was alright. This was Thursday- everything funky happens on Thursday and of course my bus just had to have something go wrong- a light on my rear stop sign was not working. Mechanics aren't in that early, so can't fix it. The girl saw the weird bus and asked where she could sit after I told her to hurry and sit down- being 10 minutes late and having traffic behind me. Well they know already to sit where they normally do, and that she wanted to stall and ask that made me very mad, so I told her to sit do what I tell her to do. I apologized later before we even got to school, but the mom didn't see that, she just knew I wasn't normally snappy and was concerned. I like this mom. Anyway, that was about it for the week. I passed out blank cards so they can decorate their own name tags. New year, new name tags for the seating.
That's about it for work.

Our exercise is going sort of well. We've missed days, but we've got the eating part this time, so I don't think its as serious. Its not too hard once you figure out how it works. I can have 5 protein, and each serving is supposed to be 100 calories. Easy. Actually, its really hard for me to eat that much protein at once. Breakfast is 6 egg whites. I don't think I've ever eaten 6 eggs at once in my entire life. I learned you can microwave them, which makes breakfast easier. I'm all for the quick options, and a few minutes is fine. I even used the pie plate this morning to make an omelet :)
I need to keep better track of things through the day. I had one where I completely forgot my dairy. Some snacks can be a dairy product, like yogurt or string cheese or cottage cheese, and I must have accidentally counted them as a dairy too. Or maybe I forgot what I ate and put it in wrong. I'm inclined to think I really did miss them. I haven't had a perfect day yet- its a lot of food. I also confuse my numbers. I confused dairy and fruit- had too many of one and not enough of the other. I should write it down as I go so I don't forget.
I'm hoping next week will be perfect for the exercise part- I really want these 90 days to work the way they are supposed to.
I regret dinner. I'm feeling queasy now, wish it would all sit right in there. Plus I'm hit with a wave of sleepy. I wonder if a nap before exercise would be good, or if I need to stay awake to help motivation.

I got the Christmas things put away today. It took extra long because I repacked it in a plastic tub instead of the cardboard it was in. Yay for more durability and weather-proofing.  I was doing laundry too, and its nearly all done. I do think that its dumb that my fake tree was shedding needles like a real one. I had to sweep up after I closed the bin, hehe. I wish it smelled nice like a pine tree.

K I'm done. Nap time. So sleepy.