Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh my gosh, it's January

I am a horrible blogger.

Time goes by without me realizing that I haven't actually written anything, even though I've meant to several times. Then I sit down and open up blogger and not only see that my last post was half a month ago, but I've also completely forgotten some of the awesome things I should have written about since then.

I will try my best to do better going forward.

I have several topics i want to discuss, but I'd rather do it separately and in shorter posts. So the two weeks past in summary:

Christmas was great. We had dinner with Tig's family at a lone-bachelor-relative's spacious house. Jamie made my favorite holiday treats again- green bean casserole, my special delicious sweet potatoes, salmon dip. He deep-fried a hunk of beef by request that turned out to be wonderfully delicious. I now believe that holiday meals should be as follows: turkey for Thanksgiving, beef for Christmas, and ham for New Year's unless you'd like to add it to one or both of the previous. We didn't have a special meal for New Year's.

Instead, we had a lovely smorgasbord of snack foods that we ate all day long while playing Pathfinder and generally hanging out in the living room with friends both present and skyped-in until well after midnight. We had sparkling cider to celebrate, but there was no countdown or anything. I texted well-wishes to people as the New Year came to them in their earlier time zones.

Working over the holidays wasn't bad at all. The weather was warmer, I got up with the sun instead of way before it, and after a much briefer break than usual I returned to take the boys back home, which means my workday was over much sooner than usual. It was weird.

Now I'm getting up early again and strangely I haven't been able to fall asleep easily or stay asleep without waking up a bunch. I'm really hoping things fix soon because I'm really freaking tired. An attempt at a nap yesterday failed, resulting in two hours of wasted time.

There, now you are all caught up and I can talk later about other things.
Yay! A package just arrived and I get to try on some hand-me-down jeans. Be back soon, I promise!