Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Tuesday 5/3/11

I know I haven't written in my blog lately. I haven't really used my computer that much, which means no typing.

I've been relatively busy at work, which might be why I feel like doing very little at home. Apparently springtime is the time to do all your fieldtrips. Both the highschool shuttle and my 4th graders have been shaking things up. The highschoolers, being a sort of outdoor dropout prevention course, have gone to a "rock quarry" where they dig up and do things with coquina rock. They've also been to the water treatment plant which I may I have mentioned in an earlier update. Tomorrow is the rescheduled trip to a land fill, which some 4th-graders will get to attend also to make a solid group. The group can't be too large, however, so most will be left out. This is if plans have not changed- perhaps it will only be the older students now. My paycheck was a nice surprise.

Vehicles are still not repaired, but its not too big of a worry at this point. A transmission has been found, and perhaps that man would like the truck, and they will work out a trade. Jamie knows more about all that, of course. We're a month away from the big move and I can feel the excitement all the time now. Not only will it be a great big road trip that I'll get to visit Jessie AND our Wacraft family, but soon we'll be near our friends to play with in real life as well as in the game. And there will be new places to visit, a new town to memorize, new people to meet. New weather to adjust to, I'm sure. The few days of very high temperatures mixed with high humidity had me longing for the days to rush by faster. The storm brought a slight round of cool again, but its fading very fast.

We went fishing with mom for her birthday. I got 3 things! I got a very pretty little fish (with many many rows of wicked teeth inside!) with yellow and blue edges, he had some trouble getting back off the hook. We used live shrimp (scrimps!) and they are so much better than the goo worms I remember. I also had a crab that wanted to swing in atmosphere before getting back in the water. Lastly, I got a skinny little brown speckle fish, with wicked teeth again. Sea fishies don't mess around. Jamie got a crab also, and a few rock croppings which had him diving out in the depths to unsnag the hook. We both burned in odd places. Jamie had remembered to get sprayed with sunscreen, but before he took off his tank shirt. He burned from shoulder to shoulder on his back. I was sprayed in my swimsuit, but had been standing in water already. I burned on the lower half on the sides of my hips and butt. Badly. Sleeping flat on my back is NOT comfortable. I think tonight will be fine, as I was able to very carefully turn onto a side and stay there- if I didn't move to change the pressure. Jamie said he was better already and he slept on his back last night. I only remember because I cuddled him carefully on my side at one point. I got very sleepy very fast after the all-day field trip to St. Augustine with the 4th-graders.

Right, yesterday's field trip. I got to ride a trolley train! We had a narrated little tour riding around, went inside a gorgeous huge church with a sad story behind its 361-day construction, and rode the trains to the fort, then to the playground because the times had been mixed up, so we had lunch first before walking back to the fort for a tour of that. I'd have liked to stay longer, but time flies when you're having fun. We ended up being 15 minutes late back to school, which meant to kids basically ran in to grab their backpacks and some ran back out to ride the bus home.

I've still been riding my bike, but field trips do cut into pedaling time. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I rode to the library and a doctor's appointment, rode the eastern section of trail and managed to catch the city workers relaying pavement markings. The truck lays down a flat ribbon which is more of a like a rubberized coating than actual paint, and a spray of powder which is actually tiny glass beads goes over the top inches after that to make it reflective. The yellow lines are actually incredibly bright and leave afterimages in my eyes as I go down the road. After a week these seem less noticable. Perhaps its because of the old lines being so faded that it simply unusual so I noticed the new bright lines more. We also got brand new reflectors on that road which flash like diamonds if you catch them at just the right time when the sun is right. Its weird the things I notice sometimes and the things which strike me as pretty.

Speaking of striking, I almost hit a turkey this morning. Huge bird tried flying across the road, and he made it, but only just. I thought for a second that I'd have turkey for dinner- it was a big enough bird that I'd have considered learning how to clean a bird in a hurry if the bus nailed him/it. Like I said, he made it. Scared me though.

That's all I guess. Happy Tuesday!