Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Jamiejacket is DONE!

I stayed up all night working on it. I spent a lot of time cursing the sharp pins, which had to be everywhere to hold all the pieces as I assembled the jacket. Not only do I have sore fingers from accidentally stabbing myself constantly while pinning, but also numerous scratches along my hands and arms from manhandling the cloth and sometimes gingerly draping it over myself to check how things were hanging. I"ll have to avoid touching anything for the next few days.

It is painfully obvious that my lack of sleep is affecting me, as I had to fix about 50 errors in my typing in that paragraph... have some photos.


Finally done! The jacket is for my husband, who is much larger than me, as you can see. Can't even see my jammies :P

Front Exterior

Rear Exterior

Front Interior Inside-Out