Friday, January 7, 2011


I just made a blog!

I've been accused of not communicating well (by telephone). This is true. It just never occurs to me that I can pick up a phone and call someone to chat. I usually don't feel like chatting, maybe. Or its inconvenient. Right now my cellular carrier really is not very good.

I started collecting email addresses one year at the christmas family gathering, and I mass blind-carbon-copy emails weekly to them, with whatever thoughts and ramblings occur to me as I'm typing it. I try to share what's going on in my life. Usually I don't get any replies. Sometimes I get one.

I've seen a movie about a girl who was learning to cook and created a blog, and it seemed like an interesting idea. I've also been told I should write books. This is a great idea, and something I've aspired to since I was little. But I don't know what to write. I have a few story ideas, but they fizzle out and go nowhere. I've often thought that maybe I could make money selling a synopsis of my past to a soap-opera writer. "Here is material for at least a few seasons. There you go, have fun with it."

I lost my train of thought.

Anyway, I was killing time online because I forgot to bring my book with me to work, and I found really neat ways to make a dress form for sewing. Something I saw was about blogs and that reminded me of the movie, and so I googled blogs, and here I am.


I figured this would be a neat place to easily keep track of whatever I wanted to write about, and could be done from anywhere, instead of carryng around a flash drive that noone will ever see, or starting something on my laptop only to wish I had it with me somewhere to add to a thought or record one. I think this thing said I could even post from my phone.
If I have service :P

I guess I'm done for now. No wait! I had a thought of something I felt like talking about.

I'm doing an exercise program with my husband and maybe his mom, who we live with. It has a nutrition plan with it, and so we're trying to follow one approach that uses portions to control it. I'm level 1 based on my weight, and that means I anm supposed to have 5 protein servings, 2 vegetable servings, 1 dairy, etc. 3 snacks.
It occurred to me that eating right is not rocket science. But it is- because it is made hopelessly confusing.

Let me explain. I can have 5 protein servings, and a serving is a 3oz serving, or 100 calories. Easy right? One for breakfast, two for lunch and dinner is five. No. It's only easy if you get the separate portion of meat. 6 eggs easy. A can of soup, with meat mixed with veggies and broth and probably a carb like potatos or rice- not so easy. I've been doing ok because I've stuck with the basics.
Salad: 2 cups lettuce, 4 slices turkey, 2 tbsp dressing. I'd have cheese if I hadn't already eaten my dairy with breakfast (vanilla protein powder in milk). That's 1 veggie, 1 protein, and 1 condiment from my allowed servings. Easy!

I went to the store to browse and kill time, and I was looking at the different in egg whites and just regular eggs. It's cheaper to get eggs and throw the yolk out :(
We saw hotdogs on sale and I picked up the package, thinking that's an easy protein to start with- we still have a lot from the last sale. NO! Hotdogs have corn syrup in them. (This was when we were shopping without having really looked at the guide- we had remembered that we were allowed no carbs.) Corn syrup adds carbs to what should rightfully be a sheath or whatever with nothing but meat- protein only.

And why on earth is there so much junk in our food?? This is the age of fancy-schmancy refrigerators with special crispers and whatever, and we have freezers and even HUGE freezers. We have electricity and even generators to power things when that fails. We can keep some food. In the olden days they had what, salt? Barrels of vinegar? No ice, really, but cellars? Why is it that they ate purer food than we can? We do we have all these fancy methods of keeping food fresh longer, and yet there are still chemicals being used to keep them even LONGER? If you don't eat it shortly after you buy it, throw it away! You're going to anyway, after you shove it to the back of the monstrous fridge and keep way beyond even enhanced preserved shelf-life.

No wonder there are special sections at the stores now for "organic" food. It's not organic, its un-messed-with food!

And why can't people post information of the proportions of their creations? I'm sure the information on the cans is completely useful to everyone.... I don't know. You learn about the food pyramid in little school, but no one ever follows it. A hamburger is meat, toppings, bread, cheese. But if you eat one from a fast food place, its about the most unhealthy food out there. Even just one! I don't get it.

But it's nearly time to go drive the bus, so I have to stop my rant. But that was what I was ticked off about earlier while trying to shop for healthy food. It's very difficult.