Monday, June 11, 2012

A Pannier On The Bike Is Worth Two In The Project Folder

If you can't tell by the title, I've been busy with my sewing machine again. The beautiful flower fabric, and the green PUL fabric were conspiring- calling my name. I just HAD to do something with them.


One bicycle pannier.

The effect on the whole bike- streamers match! 
(now you know why my streamers are so colorful)

Close-up of the pretty black ribbon bows holding the pannier onto Zoomie's rear rack.

Pearly snap closures. 
There are two pairs of snaps on the front- one for a full pannier, and one for it empty.
There is also that smaller flap- you'll see why in a minute...

The bag is very floppy, so there are snaps on the sides to keep it folded neatly.

Folded neatly, snapped closed.

Looking down through the rear rack- 
the pretty brown ribbon bow on the back to keep a full pannier from swinging about.

And the best part! It rolls up into a cute little package when not needed.

Another view, better centered.

I admit, it isn't the most polished project I've ever undertaken. The bag came out a lot more... shapeless, than I had imagined. Also the lining ended up being not quite a perfect fit for the outside, which makes things lay not quite right. The snaps on the sides to keep the bag folded closed helped very much with that.

The lining is Babyville Boutique brand PUL fabric. PUL means polyurethane laminated. The fabric is waterproof but breathable (theoretically) so anything put into the pannier has a chance to remain dry if it rains or snows. The fabric is intended for use as homemade diaper covers for washable reusable diapers and other baby needs. I forgot to photograph the pannier lining, but it is a bright soft green, not really matching the greens on the outside of the pannier. I didn't particularly care. I could have gone with pink, but I'm a greenie.

The design is out of my head, with inspiration from a really cute bag that Jamie got me once. It was a large green bag that zipped across the top, and folded up like the pannier does into a tiny handbag size. The bag I had actually folded into thirds lengthwise before rolling up, but the pannier proved too bulky to do that. I like it better this way anyway. Since my pannier wouldn't zip closed, I added the large flap cover.

I was going to immediately start on the second pannier, when I realized a couple of things. I've run out of snaps (both plain and pearlized), and I have no more black sparkly ribbon. I'll have to restock because I won't have mismatched panniers! For now the second pannier will have to wait, as will the matching handlebar bag.

Can you look at that fabric without a smile coming to your face?
Happy Monday