Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

Last weekend my family came up to visit with my niece, and we all went to Anderson Farms. They advertised a corn maze and pumpkin patch among other fun activities, and I didn't have a pumpkin yet. Plus, I've always wanted to go through a huge maze cut into a field of corn!

The entrance fee is $12 and that includes the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, the corn maze, pedal-driven go-karts, a train ride in either adult-sized mine carts or child-sized blue plastic barrels, a petting zoo of sorts, and of course all the photo opportunities you could want. At night the farm does a zombie paintball course where you shoot them and they don't shoot back, and Terror in the Corn. Those are separate activities and not included in the admission price, though.

Here are some pictures!!

Waiting in line to enter.

Natalie thinks my earrings are neat. 
She also tend to pull on necklines right now, so unfortunately, you don't get to see us with Batman because my bra was showing >.<


A bug that tried to sneak in with us without paying the fee. We left him on the wall beside the ticket window.

Pumpkins everywhere!!

Thirsty bunny. The sign said not to try and pet them because they would bite. Vampire bunnies!

A barn you could walk through from one animal pens to the larger areas.

Inside the barn.

The coolest train ever!!

Sunny and slightly warm, today. Perfect for some family fun.

Waiting our turn for a wagon to arrive to take us out to the pumpkin patch.

The steed doing the wagon pulling.

This pumpkin can be seen for miles and is what originally had me thinking about hay rides and pumpkin patches back at the end of September. I see it every day from the bus.

Normally we would feed the cows, but they overate this morning.

A buffalo!

These guys make up a really cool little village. I think that becomes the paintball area at night.

Riding along.

The man said there were I think 32 varieties of pumpkins in the fields. I saw types I've never seen before including pinkish ones, gray-green ones, white ones, funny little double-ended ones. Lots to choose from! The vines looked dead and whithered, but the pumpkins were bright and firm and fun to hunt through.

I passed this little prisoner maybe two or three times, and it turns out this is the one I chose. Since there were so many different kinds, I definitely didn't want an "ordinary" orange pumpkin this year. I had visions of carving a skull face into it.

My dad has ideas for a warty witch, and he made sure to get an extra "nose".

Pumpkin cart :P

Our roommate's dad goes by the nickname of Pappy, so I simply had to take a picture of this.

Corn maze!

I got to navigate. We didn't get lost a single time.

Punching our map cards.

Bridges didn't stop us.

Pettable feedable goats. 
That wooden structure goes up very high and gives the cute little guys something safe to climb on. 

The best photo place, I think. 
We had plenty already, so I just waited until no one was around to at least get a picture of it.

The map front and back. Obviously, they cut the maze early in the summer.

I could not find a skull face I liked. Perhaps it has something to do with my preference for happy pumpkins. I was grumpy and slightly ranting when Jamie gently said to me "Well ghosts are white too.." and then suggested the adorable little ghost balls that chase you around in Mario video games. This is how they look when your back is turned, but when you face them, they become shy.

I don't have any candles yet. Pretend I do.