Monday, October 22, 2012

Today- See My Newest Bike Accessories and Ride Home With Me

In an odd sort of non-photographic mood, I still managed to snap a bunch of neat pictures on my trip through the "long" route home. Also, before I left work, I got current photos of my beloved Zoomie with some new accessories that I made this weekend. Yesterday, actually.

On the way to work. I stopped and looked backward, wanting to snap a picture of this early when I had gone home in the morning. A lot of the leaves now are becoming duller, a sort of pale gold where once were vibrant yellows and reds. The chance is interesting. Also, why are the leaves all flattened?

Zoomie has breaktime while I ride the bus.

New accessories! For some odd reason, I decided she just had to have a cushion. You know, in case I wanted to give someone a ride... Hmm. Well, it looks awesome and was a blast to make, anyhow. I made sure to use a scrap of my Babyville Boutique PUL waterproof fabric beneath the fun layer- this way the cushion should never get wet and soggy, and the thin plywood should last longer.

The cushion ties on like my saddlebag does. This way I can always take it off to use the rack's springy latch. It can stow inside the saddlebag when not out on the rack.

I also got sick and tired of having STUFF in my saddlebag all the time. I can never roll it up all cute-like if there is stuff in it! So, I made a toolbox. 
Erm, that zipper was supposed to go in the end, not in the side behind those rack stays, but I wasn't paying attention during construction. Also, it's slightly squished into the fender, but this doesn't really bother me.
 I can now carry around a full spare tube in addition to my multi-tool, a pair of latex gloves, plastic tire iron, a few valve caps and rubber bands. Also a glue tube for a spent patch kit. I need new patches. Still, this thing is not full, and things rattle very slightly on the piece of cardboard I have riding in the bottom for some structural stability. I love it.

Tied with pink ribbon instead of green. This type of ribbon seems to slip, I've tied a couple into double bows to see if that helps.

Now for the trip home:

Prairie dogs!!! They are so cute! They became tons more shy when I stopped the bike to take pictures, whereas normally I could literally have kicked one, it was so close as I pedaled past. See that one right at the edge of the pavement?

A funny pagoda in the middle of a Colorado park. Who knew?

Fun path-side chairs! A blue one is to the left. Later on there is a similar bench seat.

The Bike-Ness monster!

Construction to make lovely bike pathways and underpasses. I don't mind the detour at all- after all, look at how awesome the Greenway is ALREADY! I can't wait to see it when they are done.

One of the tunnel underpasses. I think these things are just fantastically awesome and fun, not to mention convenient. No fighting with traffic!

Honey I blew up the bugs.

Pretty autumn path, even if a skewy photo.

I love how this overpass is branded with the left hand symbol. This is the Left Hand Greenway (as opposed to the St Vrain Greenway)

The Lobo trail.

I exit the Lobo trail and have to cross a highway, which is very easy even at 5pm due to a light that must be creating the large gaps in traffic. I simply wait patiently at the stop sign for a moment. 

Can you see the hill way up there?

Closer to the hill. It looks pretty intimidating to me, but its not that hard to cycle up it. Usually the wind makes it more work than should be needed, but there is a long gentle decline afterwards as a reward.

Headed home on a beautiful warm autumn day.
I love my bike.