Saturday, February 12, 2011

this was a happy saturday

I am sitting right now in my footy pajamas. I must say, they are one of the most comfortable articles of clothing I own. If it's not too hot to wear them, they are simple, cozy, soft, keep out the drafts like pants and socks will let in... I love them. Jamie did so awesome to spot them that night in the store.

Anyway, I haven't felt much like writing lately, which was weird. This week felt like it crawled by, Friday took so long to get here, and today wasn't long enough, even though I got sleepy at 9 like usual. I slept in til 11 so I'm surprised a little that I'd just like to curl up around my dog with my hubby curled around me. That's such a fun word. Hubby. Like cubby. Bubbly. Grubby. Tubby! The grubby Aimee had to get in the bubbly tubby. Heehee. Yeah...

I had to get mean for the bus kids this week. They have slowly been getting more and more... rambunctious? out of control? They get too loud and get in the aisle, and even when I remind them to keep it down and sit up straight and such, they might fix it for a second and then go right back to the way they were. So I threatened and I warned, and they didn't believe me I guess. I made no secret of the referral I wrote on a girl, though of course I didn't tell them who got it.
She was being nitpicky towards a boy, but really when I watched the tape, he was doing nothing wrong towards her. She was nonseriously doing things like trying to get his hand off the back of the seat by stabbing at them with a pencil. That sounds bad, but really she wasn't trying to hit him with it. Still, it could turn into a bad situation if I had to slam on the brakes (my most common method of something theoretially causing a bad situation) and then she first would slam into the seat since she's backwards, and second rebound and injure either him who she was aiming at, or maybe herself if she landed on the pencil.... plus that's a mean thing to do anyway. So she was antagonizing the little boy and he wasn't retaliating at all, which impressed me a lot. And then when he went to get off the bus, she was annoyed at him again I guess, and the reason I had the tape pulled in the first place, was because he tripped. I asked him how he fell (he obviously was not injured, it was a slow kind of fall) he said he thought she tripped him. Darned if she didn't stick that bright white sneaker right in the crook of his foot to catch him! And she lied to me about it, of course. That irks me more than the incident, I hate that so much.
So she gets written up with a verbal warning about the inappropriate actions towards others and sitting improperly, and her mom gets a phone call. Not very serious, but I hope her mom reams her one. This is a girl with a princess notion that thinks she's better than everyone else. I hate that every time I remind her to do something like sit up straight like everyone else, her first reaction is to deny, with a very loud annoying whine, that she wasn't doing anything, as if how dare I imply that she is like every other kid in the aisle, she would never do that. She also has claimed in the past to be of a religious type, and that ticks me off so darned much that she could say that and then be one of the most malicious people on the bus, for a child. What a hypocrite. So anyway, first referral since the few at the beginning of school.

I'm sleepy.

I wonder how it will be to drive in the snow. I'm a cautious driver anyway, but still you can't watch out for everything, there will always be surprises. I'm usually good at things like watching traffic and knowing that this particular jerk is going to cut in front of me and such. One time I knew it would happen but it was still too fast though. I was empty luckily, and when I slammed on the brakes, because I had no other option, I could feel some part of the bus start sliding. I was very proud of myself for recognizing the change in feel as a slide, and I eased off the brakes just enough to get it rolling again to catch traction while still not hitting the creep in front of me, and not freaking out. It angled toward the side of the road where there was a curb, but I kept the wheel straight on the lane and it caught and put me right back forward again. Not sure if that is a good thing to do during a serious slide, but it worked for that. I'd really like to take a bus to a kind of extreme driving class where you could learn how to recover from bad driving situations. I'm sure they have that kind of thing for stunt drivers or something. Anyway, I kept from hitting the jerk and the curb, and then laid on the horn because my next reaction was akin to how dare he make me so freaking scared? What if I had kids on this bus, was he retarded and did he want a however-much ton school bus rammed up his arse? Because loaded buses and semis can't stop on dimes, you know! Even if I could see a dime from so high up :) I'm glad I didn't hit the curb. One of the videos on youtube you can find easily is a front camera inside view of a bus that apparently swerved for some reason, and either jumped or nicked a curb. You can see the students sort of wave as their weight gets shifted to the sides, and then it looks like gravity suddenly shifts to the right, because everyone suddenly falls to the windows- the bus flipped onto its side. And I've seen the ugly accident photos and bus versus train news stories. That kind of thing scares me to death, because I know those could happen so easily to anyone. They drilled it so hard into us at college that safety was so important- you heard about it everywhere. How a fatigued pilot could get tunnel vision. You fixate. That's the famous word. You forget about all the other stuff you should be paying attention to- gauges or airspeed or whatever, because you focus on one thing that seems more important than the rest. A driver fixates on the road ahead maybe, and forgets to check speed, or mirrors. Anyway, the results of making mistakes like that are so vivid, they stick with you, or they did with me. I get nervous around large dump trucks because of the phots they showed us- the bus or maybe the truck was too close to the yellow line, and they met- the back half of one side of the bus was ripped off and there was a huge fire. I'm so careful to check where my students go when they leave that last step out the door, because of the story about the little girl that crawled under the bus after a paper she dropped. The driver ran her over, and crushed her pelvis and everything... its horrible. I don't ever want to do something so bad. I think if I did I would feel awful the rest of my life and quit on the spot.
Anyway, that's depressing to think about now but I'm very careful because of things like that which could happen.

Hard to change topics now.

My birthday is soon, I'm happy for that of course. I have 2 days off and that will nice. I made sure my substitute has good directions, I think. Hope the kids behave.

K I give up. I'm out of gas, ready to stop typing now. :) Hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.