Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hi everyone, it's been a little while. After building our new room inside the house, computers were moved, and then everything from the camper was also transferred inside. My computer desk was buried for a little while. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!

Lots of things are new or have happened lately, the biggest being that I've cut my hair! It went from this:


 It's half gone, and I love it.

Then, Halloween was here and my husband surprised me with a pumpkin, so of course I had to carve it.

Tig says the picture doesn't do it justice- that is the happiest freakin pumpkin she has ever seen.

She dressed up to match her daughter. Marty was an adorable little dragon, and her mom was a sorceress with a nifty shiny silver sash and fancy hair jewelry.

I thought staying at home was boring, so at the last minute when we decide to go with Marty out, I helped Jamie become a ninja. He makes a very scary ninja. I wouldn't want to mess with him.

Little dragon Marty didn't care much for her hat (can you guess why from her picture?), so even I got to join in on the costume fun!

And last but not least in my photo documentations- it's snowing!! TWC showed me the weather warning over the weekend calling for snow Wednesday or Thursday, and it finally got here. So I squeal in happiness and run out with my camera while Jamie is still getting dressed, and here are some pictures.

Camaro from this...

To this!

Zoomie is getting snowed on. I promptly went back inside and came out with a shopping bag to cover my seat with, and brought my helmet inside.

Snow in my hair!

I'm about to get pegged with Jamie's first snowball...

Happy for snow!

Welcome November!