Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh my god Tony has killed me! Chocolate milk is totally not worth that torture.



....ok nevermind it is worth it and I feel better. But I thought I was crawling to the shower there for a minute. Ugh.
So yesterday was Yoga, and I think I like yoga. I'm getting better at it. Curiously, I wasn't the same better as last week. For instance, on the right angle under-butt grab one, my right side which was so much better at keeping me upright in the lunge was now weak and couldn't accomplish it. My left side was as good as the right one was last week. I actually got into crane (like a tripod headstand we did as kids, only you don't put your head down- you try to look like a flamingo with your hands being the flamingo legs. balancing. its HARD) for several seconds at a time. I couldn't hold it, but just that little bit is a major accomplishment. I did a push-up on every single transition from plank to downward dog! They got sloppy at times, and much shallower at points, but I did them. And when we did the seated stretch like in gym class where one leg is bent with your foot at your thigh and the other is straight ahead and you reach for toes, Tony asks the kids "who's got their heel?" I was so surprised to realize that I did that I almost said it out loud. 

I wonder if a recovery drink, needing to be consumed within a certain timeframe after a workout (15-30 minutes) should be something I need to drink right after the movement phase of Yoga- because after that is 45 minutes of balancing and stretching that seems very relaxed.

Anyway, this week was a decent one. It didn't get too cold here, which was nice. It's raining today, and foggy. The farmer's market set up right on the corner of the highway drives me up the wall. There are parking spaces right across from it- on the main road besides the beach road- where everybody who lives there is trying to turn to go home. Only you have old geisers in their giant stupid SUVs who don't know how to drive trying to park and/or get out of their parking spaces clogging everything up. Walk a little bit! It's good for you! Or maybe you can get one of those little tiny smart cars and actually see what you're doing. People bother me. Big stupid SUVs bother me. 

People say you aught to have a license to breed. Why bother? Look how well that system works for the motorists out there. Didn't prevent any of those idiots from getting behind a wheel, what makes you think a license to breed would keep the idiot population down? Look at how many marriages work out, and you need a license to do that! 

The power just flickered out. Yay for laptops and batteries in them.
And I got up and got distracted and can think of nothing else to say now. Happy friday!