Monday, October 10, 2011

Fire! drills

As the title suggests, today I assisted with bus evacuation drills at another school. I explained regular bus rules, emergency exits and safety equipment, what to do if I'm incapacitated (they got a kick out of my demonstration of throwing my radio microphone out the window- THUD), and how to evacuate. The other buses had two classes, but I only had one class of 40 students to talk to. One chaperone was very nice and came by with a 1 minute warning, which was just at the point I was about done. I yelled "fire!" and they all promptly got off. I had the last girl checking seats as she came up and she grabbed the first aid kit. The counts from the guy at the door and the one at the site 100 feet away were matching. Yay, we got everybody except your poor dead bus driver. Have a good day!

Another awesome part of today is that I will be filling in for an elementary route before my high school. More money is good.

And lastly, this weekend brought gifts! T got lots of clothes from a friend of hers, and we went through them last night. I get snow pants! Also a few cute and warm sweaters, and several shirts, some even long-sleeved. I really thought a white one with tiny flowers all over was cute, until we found matching pants- they are a pajama or long underwear set. I can't guarantee the shirt won't be worn a lot as a regular shirt- I thought it was adorable. Several items are labeled maternity, but other than two sleeveless shirts with darts below the empire waistline (just below bust), I wouldn't have been able to tell. T says they just get to charge lots of extra money when it says "maternity" on it. A load through the wash just to be sure, and I'll have pictures soon!