Friday, August 17, 2012

Ride Home With Me

Happy Friday!

Follow along with pictures on my wonderful bike ride home on the St Vrain Greenway :)

Garden in a circle. 
Work is just to the right along that road. I ride under the overpass and cross a bridge over the stream, then take the sidewalk until I can cross the road right into the parking lot. The path doesn't empty out nicely onto the road for me.

I get to ride under a few roads, instead of having to worry about crossing them! There are gates to close off the Greenway for high water. I wonder how often that actually happens?


I found a tiny soccer ball.

Now it shall be Grunt's new tiny soccer ball toy.

One of several small lakes/large ponds I get to ride by. There are lots of geese to see and occasionally dodge, but today they were having a party somewhere else I guess. I heard them, but didn't see any.

A neat pice of artwork at the edge of the lake. There are bunches of "Art in Public Places" and I aim to eventually see them all- they are numbered on my bike map :)

Little pedestals along the path have odd sculptures on them, and while biking past they resemble dog poops. Now I know they aren't!

Here is the table shown in an earlier post. There were little groundhogs or prairie dogs all over that hill, but they are really hard to spot in person- I'm not sure you can find one at all in the picture.

I finally stopped here! There are usually always people, so I haven't before. 
I sat down and the bowl amplifies the gurgling of the stream in a way that makes me wish I had my own personal Listening Stone with a cushion to curl up on and read a book.

I never realized it, but those are apple trees! I must stop and get some next time, they would make a wonderful snack.

A particularly inviting place along the stream. The Greenway follows it all the way to the pretty waterfall, where my route splits off to go home.  

Because the gravel is loosely packed? Or maybe because you won't run someone over (theoretically) on foot? These little trails look like they go down to the water, or maybe small clearings to have a picnic.

Perhaps my favorite part of the Greenway. I liked the bird immediately, but it took stopping to take pictures for me to read the placard and find out it's supposed to be a Kestrel. 
My favorite bird? No wonder I liked it!

And... here the battery pack in my new camera finally refused to turn back on (it had been flashing the battery symbol at me since the first picture!).

So, I got out my phone of course!

I get spectacular views!

That spec in the sky is a skydiver. 
There were actually six of them or so, but the others are hard to spot.

More mountain view.

The airport is nearby, so I get to watch aircraft landing often.

Under the bridge at my Greenway exit.

The final stretch home!

Happy Friday everyone! 
Have a great weekend.