Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Week Down, Two To Go

Technically this should be posted tomorrow, but close enough.

We had a second Thanksgiving Sunday, which was to make up for the Bonanza folks being sick. I'm not sure they were sick stomache-wise, as they ate lots more than I would have thought possible recovering from that. The second fried turkey was just as heavenly as the first, and the sweet potatoes, while mushier this time, were also just as awesome. I toasted little marshmallows on fork tines over the wood stove outside that was serving as a heat source for Jamie on fryer-watch. And then I forgot the fork was hot and burned my tongue attempting to get the rest of the marshmallow goo off it. Dummy!

We poked around through the stuff out there, and I found some thin #2 knitting needles wrapped in a cloth calendar or 1970. We'll likely work on helping them organize the clutter, maybe get some free stuff, and surely have a lot of fun getting dusty discovering old antique things. Jamie may be ab;e to exchange labor for a truck, if he wants it. They also used to run a ceramics shop and have molds and a kiln that if we were interested in using, we could start a business with. It's all very exciting.

I got an addition to my school bus route, coming back from the break. I now get up 30 minutes earlier to get a couple boys from Keno (15 minutes one-way) before I run my regular route. I drive a truck to go get them, then they ride my big bus with me, and after I drop off the high school kids I take them to their school. On Thursdays I don't have them, but a girl just a little further down the road, and she goes to the high school with the rest. I'm starting to miss the extra half-hour right at the moment, but really there isn't much difference in my day. I still pedal to work in the dark, but I'm wide awake and happy when I get there.

I've been asking around to try and get Jamie a regular bike that can be used without worries. I'm paranoid that if we take our friend's expensive bike somewhere, it will get stolen. So far we haven't gone anywhere together, and that's my reason why. So I put an ad on craigslist, a thread on the bike forums, and a sticky note on my mailbox at work for a free or very cheap bicycle. A coworker brought me a girl's mountain bike, but she wanted much more than expected for it, and it may have been small anyway. It looked tiny, really. I gave it back with a thank you and I still have my eye out to get him something.

I really want to go places together, like the store. It would be fun not to take the car, and everything really is so close around here that its kind of silly to drive. Even Wal-Mart, our most frequent destination, is only 20 minutes away by bike, which isn't that long at all when you're riding. Jamie was very surprised at how fast I'd gotten to the bowling alley bar, which is nearly across from Wal-Mart. Anyway, we'll get him a bike soon and be zipping all over the place.

I was aiming to have us ride to the game store each Saturday, but we have decided that the costs of feeding everyone out of the house is too high to be worth the privilege of the open gameroom upstairs. I think it's been worked out that Jamie will cook for us with a smaller budget. I got to pick dragon kabobs for this weekend, which makes me happy. I'll be having my little Grippli (frog-person) rogue shooting people full of arrows while I munch on tasty skewers with pineapple-peanutty goodness. I suppose that makes up for a missed bike-ride opportunity. Is it Saturday yet?