Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So things have been good with the bus. The kids have gradually been handing in personalized decorated index cards for their name tags. We have a big twilight fan and several cat owners, so its starting to look really cute in there. I took time today while I was sweeping and we have several good artists in the group, and a lot of the cards reflect the people they are labeling so very well it made me smile. I have a new teacher aide who rides with the highschoolers, and she got a kick out of the name tags.

Exercise is going well, I feel good most days with this diet, and in a week I finally get to drop one protein serving for a carb serving instead. Yay bread!! I really hope the 30 day photos show a difference, because I don't really see one. Of course, I've been looking down at myself every day, so gradual changes wouldn't get noticed I suppose. The scale is less, but of course it goes up an down a little each day. I actually really like the scale we bought. It's digital so no fudging numbers, and you tap it to turn it on, wait a second for it to zero itself out, and then step on. Doesn't take a full minute even. So of course, it's in the middle of the floor behind the couch in the living room, so you can step on anytime. It's a great toy, hehe.

And the biggest thing to concern me lately- we're probably going to be moving. Not immediately or anything, but the idea has gotten so strong that I'm fairly we won't be in Florida for the next school year start. Who is we? Me, Hubby, his mom and her man- the immediate family I live with. Why are we moving? Why not? The idea of living somewhere besides Florida has always been in the back of my mind ever since we left Maryland and the seasons and the snow. I know my sisters have both wanted to go back to visit at one point or another. Hubby and his mom hate the hot humid weather here, even though she loves the beach. If she's not at the beach, she's said she doesn't want to be in Florida. Well that's easy. We have families here, sure, but as often stated, I don't see mine much, and we could still come back for holidays. Hubby's family is mostly deceased now, also. Part of his remaining family (that doesn't live with me) also is enthralled with non-florida states. I know I say I hate cold, but honestly I remember loving snow, and this cold here in Florida lately is worst than snow-memory for the sheer penetrating factor of the humidity, I guess. I will say that I LOVE my windbreaker, as that tiny little layer of rip-stop and mesh has solved so much of my outdoor uncomfortableness. Is that a word?
So where are we moving?
Oregon. We have friends there. Photos of the area are absolutely gorgeous. I'm casually looking for jobs out there, and have emailed a school district there to see if they have any opening so maybe I could drive up there next year. We've been thinking about it for about a month now seriously. I wasn't sure I should say anything, because I'm sure everyone will say something to effect of "Huh?" "Why way out there?" and "That's so far away!" Well, little sister is going to colorado. Why can't I go to Oregon? I don't have any real-life friends here at all. Mom was thinking of a trailer-house-thing anyway to travel, which she's always wanted to do. Dad drives a truck (ok maybe not to Oregon?). Jamie and I have no plans to have children yet- Jessie is sure to be first in the grandbaby department, considering she's announced a time to start trying and we aren't even thinking of trying at all. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more it sounds like such a good idea, and everyone here is super excited thinking of it.
My only real regret (I'll miss family of course, but this is a different kind) would be my job. I just got hired here, after substituting. I honestly had been thinking long-term here. While I would still be completely happy being here, I could be happier in another climate doing the same thing. I won't know until I try. I could always come back and start over. I really love my job.
Curiously, I reread my personality profile from college, the one that suggests career choices (too little too late in that regard- high school would have been good!). It specifically lists school bus driver as number 7 in the least popular occupations for INFPs. Probably because of the routine and such. But I focus more on the students, so maybe that's why I like it so much? City bus route driving might be bad, but again, I bet I'd get to meet interesting people. Number one most popular INFP job? Fine artist. sounds like starving artist to me :P
But anyway, I might be in Oregon late this year. Ideally if I can straight transfer during a summer break, that would be best, which means moving sometime between July 21st and the end of August. Even though school releases early June, Hubby could benefit from waiting until July.
It's a huge distance away, and will require lots of saving and specific careful planning, and likely downsizing in belongings to some extent. But so far we don't really see any reason why we can't or shouldn't try this. 

So that's what is happening with me lately, or what's been on my mind. Probably this post will spawn some reply emails this time!