Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jamie's Commute Too!

So, after I got home today, I realized I had nothing else to do for the day. When Jamie asked if I wanted to ride with him on his way to work, I thought it was a great idea! I even have pictures for you, too, since my camera battery apparently charges lightning-fast. Jamie gets to see all this going to work, but often he works in the evenings and comes home in the dark. These pictures are after I brought him dinner (which I cooked!! with help). That makes 3 trips out from home and back today, and I feel awesome.

Here you go:

The sky as I stepped outside was gorgeous. 
It tends to do pretty things a lot out here, and I'm appreciative.

Zoomie is done hanging out with the gutter pipe. Time for a ride!

On the way out of that shopping area is a neat little picnic area between the road and a building. I always see the cat, but only just now noticed the picnic awesomeness.

That shopping center empties out at a light to cross into this dying mall. I personally think it is sad and a little bit creepy to see an empty mall, but it is a convenient way to avoid a very busy intersection.

A pretty view at the light still. Waiting patiently with the cars.

Free of traffic! First a big field.

Then a park! Can you guess the theme?

Eggs? Or maybe just fun rocks.

And on this farm there was a pig E I E I O.

Sidewalk details!

Moo. Why does this cow look so sad?

I was excited to notice this as I was leaving the park, but it isn't that great. Someone put a tree right where the spyglass looks to. I saw leaves.

The coolest mailbox I've seen in a while.

Some neat little sculpture thingy. I wonder if it moves.

Pretty flowers are always great to see.

The little trail winds out behind a bunch of homes, out of the way, yet convenient to avoid the little circles of roads that cars have to stick to.

Home Sweet Home. For a year, anyway.