Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yay bowling in Oregon!

So, we just got back from the coolest bowling alley ever. I have no complaints. None. We even had our lane glitch once and a guy came out and sat on the swing arm and fiddled with something, which was highly entertaining as our friend's dad was miming throwing a ball at that moment. Would have hit the guy in the butt, hehe. But after a minute of flailing legs, all was well.

They, like most alleys I'm sure, do the rock'n bowl thing. Only they do it well, unlike mom's local alley (not mine anymore, yay!) The Epicenter has blacklight fluorescents at the edge of each regular light, so the effect is bright and even. The alleys are a strange color, so that under the light they look ghostly white. It's a really cool effect to have your lane glowing. The gutters have the usual cap over the ball return chute, only these have lights set in every few feet, so they have nifty patterns going on if you look out over the whole scene. They aren't bright to be distracting either. The music I think was great. I found myself moving a whole bunch- practically dancing at some parts and at the very least bouncing or tapping toes to most else. It was a great mix of music, lots of songs I knew but not heavy on rock or rap, or any one genre.

Some weird looking teenagers were in abundance. One girl had pierced her pudgy cheeks, it looked very odd. I'm not sure if she had dimples or if the depressions were from the piercings. They weren't spaced evenly and were lopsided, anyway. Weird.

I threw a 13 pound ball! I had trouble keeping it secure in my fingers, but I could aim really well with it. It started hurting my ring finger and when we found a pink 8lb ball with nice smooth and well-spaced holes- I nearly fell over. It was so light! And boy could I wing it down the lane. Can't control it worth a darn, but I was getting better. Jamie started fooling around with our friend's brother's ball so I started throwing left for giggles. Given more time I'd have gotten good with it again, but it takes a bit of practice to control my left arm well enough to aim.
I've decided I need my own ball, eventually. But I'll make my own bag. No way am I messing with that silly ring like in the bottom of Jamie's- I'll get some foam and make it a little nest and dare it to get lopsided in there.

So I am beyond thrilled with our bowling alley. Score another point for Klamath's awesomeness.

(So the bad part about being on the west coast at 9pm in the coolest bowling alley in the world- its midnight for them and therefore rude to text your family and share this exciting news with them when the impulse strikes you.)