Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19 2011

Today marks day 2 of what hopefully becomes a full 90 days of exercise success to fitness. We have limited workout space, we left all the weights back in Florida along with mats and hubby's push-up bars. All we have are the workout booklets, some bands, and a television. And two friends willing to give it a go with us and sacrifice their tiny living room for 45 to 90 minutes of exertion. Woo!

We went shopping yesterday at around midnight for some snacks and fruits. Plums, by the way, are decidedly delicious, with a sweet juicy inside and tart skin. I've had a plum before, but I usually forget how yummy they are, and after walking around Wal-mart late at night with a slighty empty stomach, its good to walk out munching such a tasty tidbit.

We woke up today, played our game for a little while, then decided that today is a beautiful day, and we went to the park for some frisbee golf. I'm better at throwing the disk this time, though I still mess up in angle or aim enough to be funny. Especially because these disks curve depending on how you throw them, I sometimes use the wrong arm. I should use my right arm to have the disk go out and curve left, and my left arm to make it curve right. It ends up being interestingly off-course when I forget which is which. But, I did better. Frisbee golf is like putt-putt but with baskets instead of holes, and obviously a frisbee instead of a golf ball. You throw, and once everyone has their turn, you advance to the disk furtherest from the goal basket, and they throw. Gradually you work your way to the closer disks and I suppose if you kept score, you'd keep track of how make throws it took to sink the frisbee. You don't want to be in front of a person winging a disk because sometimes they fly rather erratically, and our last game in the woods saw the side of my face meeting a rather badly thrown disk. Open fields are better, in my opinion!

Anyway, its a great day and now its time to raid. Fun fun!