Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

So... today is my birthday, and Jessie's. We're 26 today. I woke up early after my aunt sent a happy birthday text. It was good timing, because I didn't want to sleep in too much or I'd regret it going back to the bus schedule tomorrow at 5am.
I got up and sewed a bit- I've been meaning to finish the couch slipcover and today the machine was finally calling me- sounded like a fun thing to do. I sewed most of the morning- it's a bit of a pain because I'm making sure to overcast all the edges so they won't fray later and ruin the whole thing. It needs to survive many washings in the future with puppies cuddling on the couch as much as they do.
Jamie got up and then we went to lunch at a local restaurant. It was funny, we got in the car, he drove one block and pulled in to the place- we could have walked. We'd never been there, and I doubt we'll go back, but my portabello (apparently any spelling version is acceptable) sandwich was good. It had the mushroom, cheese, I forget which kind, bean sprouts (I took some off, didn't need a mountain of them, jeez!), artichoke hearts, and then a mayonaise with something mixed in. It leaked juice out the bottom as I ate it but I thought it tasted great, and that's probably because I love mushrooms. The fact that it gets so big you can cook it like a burger or steak is absolutely awesome to me. That troll in Zangarmarsh has no idea how much I'd like to live there!
After lunch we went to the store to look for some new jeans. All my better-looking jeans have now developed holes in the left knee and I can't get away with wearing them to work forever. Eventually the hole won't be small enough to overlook :P But that store sucked. All the jeans were ugly! Who is buying these ugly mud-colored things? It's bad enough that you can barely find a pair or denim pants that aren't pre-ripped-up, but then you do and it looks like you've gone traipsing through the sewers instead. Ugh! So went to another store and the pants were better there, we actually found a few that I liked, but I suppose my size- a 16 in girls (depending on the brand) or a 5-7 women's (what a range, sewing is easier!) is pretty common. We couldn't find anything that fit right. So we'll continue exercising- since I felt guilty that I've been sort of slack and it shows- and we'll go to the other big store this weekend.
I have a bicycle coming in the mail, I'm so excited, its just the one I want- we had to order it online because they took it out of the stores! I'm glad I got it now or they might have stopped selling them all together. It has all the things I want- skinny tires, fenders, a chain guard, a rack. And it's pretty. The male version with the nearly horizontal top tube is a gorgeous sort of sparkly brown, but the step-through female version is still a pretty sort of cream color. We'll have to assemble it and that is planned for the weekend too, and Dad said he'd love to help me, so that sounds like a great weekend to me so far!

We had spaghetti for dinner, and my cake today was white, with cream cheese frosting (that has to be my favorite kind- not too sweet but so delicious) and it was split in half with a layer of sliced bananas and whipped cream in the middle. I love bananas. It was so tasty. The avacado icing yesterday was super good, but bananas will top that everyday for me, in any form. I'm pretty sure they are my favorite food. We had a visit from Jamie's uncle too, and that was really cool and unexpected.

After dinner I went back to sewing. I was doing the first cushion, and all of a sudden, I thought I had smashed my thumb under the sewing arm. I do that sometimes when I'm guiding the fabric, usually it's my right hand because the twisty thing that secures the needle sticks out. No. This was my left thumb. I guess I yelled when I thougth it smashed me. I will yell ouch periodically when I stab myself with a pin, no big deal, but then I looked and saw the black thread sticking out of my thumb, and went "UMMM..." and Jamie came running. He said he didn't know if could have done this: but I guess I very calmly snipped the thread, and pulled it out one side, then looked at it to see what exactly I did. It didn't bleed for a while, enough for me to see where it cracked the nail, and the hole on the other side. It ached a bit, but not bad at all, like I might have smashed it in a drawer or door. I'm sure it did get mashed pretty well, the needle goes down pretty far.
It started bleeding out of the nail when I was in the bathroom getting the first aid kit, and Jamie wanted me to call my aunt, who is an ER nurse. It's been a very long time since I hurt myself, come to think of it. I was pretty sure neosporin and a bandaid, but we called. I had it in ice water, thinking it would stop the bleeding as well as the ache. She said warm soapy water so it got clean, so we switched. But yes, clean it and bandage, that's all there is to it. I'm pretty sure tomorow will be a ton worse than today, so I've put a good sturdy set-up onto my thumb. I don't want to have to do anything to it if I don't need to. One over the wound, one to wrap around and keep the first secure, and then for good measure, one wrapped around to close the gaps and make sure no dirt can get in there.
I can't believe I sewed my thumb. At least now I know how it can happen. I always sort of wondered how you end up doing it. Now I know- you don't realize you were in the way until its already done. And no, it doesn't hurt that bad. So when in doubt- don't fight with a sewing machine- it will win.
But still, I'm sitting here and this has been a good day- my thumb doesn't even really hurt right now, and at least it's on my left hand even.
Oh! And I got a candle. It smells nice. I think it said egyptian cotton on it, but it's just nice.
Happy birthday to me!