Thursday, January 12, 2012


Jamie's jacket is coming along, little by little. Every day I put everything away neatly. Ok almost every day. When I fall asleep watching Psych after dinner, Jamie is nice and piles things on my desk for me and puts up the table, then unfolds the bed while I go to the bathroom before properly going to sleep. For some reason I get so sleepy watching TV that I've been conking out at 8pm. Really, I'm missing out on great cuddle time here!

In any event, because I can't leave things a mess like I like to during a project, things are going slowly. But, it IS going! I've cut out fabric and lining pieces for the front of the jacket and need to figure out the front breast pockets. The left side will have a patch pocket with a button flap cover over it also. I decided to try and create the jacket in sections which will be ready to fit together once each part is done. After all, it's very easy to tell the pattern pieces apart when they are made of paper and labeled. Not so much so when they are all the same color and vague unlabeled shapes!

I've considered taking photos along the way, but honestly I don't think they would be able to really show anything. I might make a video after the jacket is complete to show exactly how many pockets there are. That sounds like a wonderful idea, and our hosts have a couple cameras capable of doing that.

My reward for finishing the jacket: Jamie gets to wrap me up in my underwear with duct tape! No, this isn't some weird fantasy, but rather an attempt at making a custom dress form. Theoretically we can get my shape in the duct tape and stuff the form so that I have a fairly accurate double of myself to use for making my own clothes. It sure beats paying $200 for a dress form that doesn't even have my shape! I was hoping to make it out of Island Lime so the whole thing was green (of course!), but it is much more expensive than the plain silver version. So Jamie got me 2 rolls of regular, and one roll of green. I might be able to finish with the green, or maybe just make measurement lines with it (hips, waist, bust, etc).

I can't wait to finish, not only to get to the dress form, but also because this jacket, a pain though it may be, should be really, really awesome once it's done.