Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dinner by Bike

Today was awesome.

I did dishes in exchange for delicious wheat-flour pancakes with sliced bananas on top and a dribble of sugar-syrup liquid. Jamie cooked them in the pan with butter, so they had that wonderful buttery taste on the outside.

Our friend had plans to go to his parents' house for dinner again tonight, so Jamie and I decided to go on a bike ride. Our first stop was Office Depot, to say hi and pick up some index cards. I'm planning to use them to help me and maybe other coworkers memorize pre-trip details.

Then, we headed out looking for somewhere to eat. Jamie's dad gifted us with a little bit of housewarming money, and we found an inexpensive pizza place. We ordered waters with lemon and a big Greek salad to share. We ate all the salad and then one small slice each of a simple pizza topped with sun-dried tomatoes. The rest of the pizza serves as lunch tomorrow!

Then we took the Greenway trail nearly all the way home. Jamie showed me the waterfall that he had seen on his way to the drug test a few days ago. Isn't it pretty?

Waterfall, up close.

A really neat table we found. We'll have to come back for a picnic!

Pizza seems to be riding along just fine.

Just beautiful!

 The whole trip seems to be about 10 miles. I found out Jamie likes to go fast, and I was in higher gears than I'm used to, but not having any trouble keeping up. I'll have to remember to not be lazy when I'm by myself, I guess.

And, I just found a button here on Blogger that implies I can upload a video, so let me try...
Nope, error messages.

Previously I've tried uploading the apartment tour by Photobucket and Facebook. I wonder if something is wrong with my video. I'll keep working on it.
Facebook came through! See the tour HERE

Anyway, I got some work done on my new outfit- a light pink/peachy vest with a dark pink skirt with tiny white polkadots. It turns out that my vest pattern is NOT for Misses Petite, which I most definitely am. I found the waistline mark and took out the inch of pattern like I did with the rest. When I tried on the outer shell, I still had to take in a 1/2 inch of extra seam allowance at the the shoulders and sides. My pattern notes had adjustments in the back width and shoulders, but I think the petite shortening helped. We'll see how it turns out. The vest is much lower in front that I remembered, so I will have to wear a shirt underneath. I had been hoping it could be worn by itself. The skirt is the same pattern I used for the pieced-together brown corduroy one I made, only it won't have the flounce on the bottom. It should still end up being a modest length, but above-the-knee. I'll add inside pockets which open at the yoke line instead of having the outer pockets of the pattern.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'll be riding my bike to meet my ride at the close terminal, to be driven to the far one. Next Monday will be my CDL testing! Jamie's position should be posted early next week and hopefully he can start before the end of the week too.