Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, I slept for 12 straight hours. Didn't have to get up to pee, the dogs slept with us, I never got hot. I do remember once having to wake up enough to move, because I'd gotten on my back with my arm up under my pillow. Either my head weighed too much or maybe Hubby rolled over and helped, but it went to sleep and I had to yank it out, I remember. I rolled over and accidentally hit Jackjack with it instead of hugged him. He didn't much care. It felt so good to sleep that long.

Played the game some today, and that was nice. Then I sort of just poked around online. Didn't feel like doing anything else. I've gotten some laundry done. I found the making of P90X, and watched all the parts of that. Some of it was really funny, and it was neat to see how in-depth these people had to go to create this.

It is incredibly annoying to deal with junk email. My poor old hotmail account is just lost forever I think. Everyday I block more addresses- like 10 every time I log in. They never end. I don't want to even try to look for unsubscribe or Do Not Message links for fear they are paths to a virus or something. So I block them. But I have the new email and it is so far as clean as a whistle (how clean exactly is a whistle, being spit into all the time??). Which is cool because I like my new email and would be very sad to lose it. I keep the old one for anything weird, like forums.

I'm finding it more and more irritating that things are not easy regarding food. WHY does fast food have to be greasy full of fat and bad for you? WHY does healthy food have to be expensive? For that matter, why is it cheaper to go out and buy a ready-made piece of clothing from a store than it is to buy plain fabric and spend the time and energy to make your own? Fabric should be dirt cheap. But it's not.
I would think it would be very easy to make a "healthy fast food" restaurant. We as a family eat very cheaply, but we've been doing it especially healthy for the past two weeks- meat veggies, dairy all like the guide tells us to. WHY does an egg white cost more than an egg? Well that one makes sense to me. The egg comes from the chicken that way, it takes time and energy to separate it.
Grocery stores sell meats already seasoned and ready to grill/bake/whatever. Why is that a less attractive option than fried chicken, or a fast food hamburger, or even some old-fashioned cooking with tons of bacon grease? Its not hard to eat right even if you do have to cook. I hate cooking, but I wouldn't mind throwing meat into an oven and doing something else for an hour or however long. Baking is easy, you can even google cooking times! I know because I've done it.
I read how white pasta and bread is bad for you, but why? How did we ever get to that point then? If soda is so bad for you, why is it sold? Didn't it start out as a cure? I suppose a lot of things used to be considered cures, such as all manner of nasty and incorrect things. Nevermind.
I read on the soda thing a bit. I read that they have or are considering putting a tax on sodas and sugar-added drinks. What? Why? If you want to encourage healthy drinking habits, how about going ahead and reducing the cost of the healthy ones? Why is the answer always to charge more for the bad stuff? That's not fair. How about if you're going to make soda more expensive, you take that extra little bit to pay the healthy drink companies for production cots and they reduce their prices? The only reason we personally didn't eat super healthy is because its TOO EXPENSIVE. It's cheaper to buy the bad meat and cut off the fat, it cheaper to buy in bulk and separate the portions ourselves, for Hubby to season it himself. It's cheaper to eat unhealthy. A good tuna sandwich cost like 6 bucks by itself from a popular resaurant here- that's for cheap tuna salad and sliced bread. A hamburger cost 69 cents for a fatty meat patty and a formed bun plus condiments and cheese. Why??? Tuna is cheaper than beef isn't it? Cheese versus no cheese, and pickle and onion? The world is stupid and money-grubbing.
Maybe I should start a garden. I wonder if you can even support a tiny family on a garden, or if it would have to be monstrous to do that. Maybe you'd have to have friendly neighbors like up north was.  Apples from my tree for squash from your field? Borrow some milk or sugar? I wouldn't go to my neighbor for that right now. Don't know or like them much. I know their dogs are annoying, and they don't respect property boundaries.
Wonder what grows here in this state. Maybe we could put a cow in with Grandad's friend's herds. Like Macky. We had that meat so long it freezer-burned and no longer was edible. I would love a huge freezer. We should get one. But then we would and a hurricane would come and knock out power for another week and all our stuff would go bad, unless we got a generator too. They cost a fortune.

I bet I could make a real electric car.
If I tried.
They make flashlights that you crank and that makes a charge to run the light. Something similar could be made maybe so that a car's wheels turning would make the energy to power it to keep going. Maybe if you had a really tiny car. And heck, people already buy those roller skate two-person cute cars. Wouldn't be too hard to sell them.
And solar panels should be free. Say, give me a solar panel and instead of the power company, I'll pay you that much for a year. Thanks a bunch.

Anyway, nothing is logical, so all of that only makes sense in Me-land and not the real world. Everybody has to make a buck, so they'd go "well why should we do this just to help someone else. Sure it doesn't cost me any extra time/effort/money, but I like doing it this way so screw you unless you pay up".
I meant to get off this thought track.

Two days off is nice. I'll get a chance to finish up the couch. I was almost there before school started back up, but not quite. I hope it gets warm so I can wash the dog at the same time I put the new cover on. He's making the couch itself really dirty. He found out the arm is just low enough for him to walk under it and scratch his back, and he'll get in it and lean against the back to chew or scratch, or even just sleep, but he's left skid marks or I guess hair oils. I suppose I should bathe him more, but he doesn't look dirty, and its been cold. I want to get his nails clipped. I hate doing it. I make him bleed and I don't like that. His nails are dark and hard to tell when they are short enough. Least Jackjack's are white and see-through.