Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

I should have posted a review of my cloak by now, or written about my dress. Written about SOMETHING.

But I haven't felt like it.

The cloak at least, deserves a proper review, so that will come later, because right now, I just want to share pictures of my birthday. The days leading up to it were spent creating my dress from the lovely Tutti Fruitti fabric bought with my Christmas giftcard. The dress turned out amazing, but setting up the camera to take posed photos have not been one of my inspired To-Do things. I love the dress though, it's amazing. It will get worn a LOT when warm weather comes back, trust me. You should see lots of pictures of it then I guess.

My actual birthday morning was spent waiting. I was all excited to get dressed, but I should have slept in. Finally, my sister arrived and we went to get our haircut. When you haven't cut your hair in a year, it's difficult to know where to go. I called a lady from work to see where she went, but I neglected to write it down. I remembered 21st and Main St as the location, so I didn't think it would be hard to locate. We found a couple low-cost places right next to each other. Undecided, we went in anyway.

I'm blind without glasses. Am I looking at the camera?

We're cutting off that much.

Writing down the address for Locks of Love. The lady was brooking no arguements about this- not that I objected.

This is the only picture I got at the end- Jessie was being accosted by the other hairdresser.

Perfect timing!

Here is her cut.

NOW. Do those haircuts look even remotely the same? 
The entire purpose of getting a haircut together was that I would copy whatever hairstyle Jessie wanted. Hers is nothing like the picture we chose and is too short. Mine looks like I could have done it myself with a pair of scissors. Everyone tells me it's cute but it's IN MY FACE because my shoulders can't hold it back anymore. I'm going to go try and find some combs on my errand today. I can just barely pull it back into a ponytail- but that's exactly what I did before so what's the whole point? It looks exactly the same as before, only shorter. Bleh!

Jessie's hairdresser.

At least dinner was awesome. I told Jamie I didn't want to know where we were going- I liked the idea of it being a surprise. I wasn't disappointed. Getting there was a real pain in the behind. Boulder SUCKS to drive in. Just argh! I wasn't even behind the wheel, and I was frustrated. We had to go in circles to determine that there was no place to park other than a parking garage which you had to pay to use. Boulder sucks.

We went to The Cheesecake Factory!

I never did get a proper picture of the Hurricane drink Jamie got us while we waited for a table. That thing messed me up! I hadn't eaten breakfast and for lunch I had two small plates of Greek salad. I was hungry when we got in the car to go to dinner, plus I guess I'm a lightweight anyway. I got extremely dizzy just turning my head at the table to talk to people. Luckily, it didn't last too long. I did NOT like it at all. The drink was delicious though.

Pot stickers!

My dinner. It reminded me a lot of woodsman spaghetti that my stepfather used to make when we were camping. I loved it.

Jessie's shepherd's pie.

Jamie's dinner.

Light above our table. The entire restaurant was very dim, I didn't really like it. Even the bathrooms! The restaurant itself looked very nice otherwise.

Aw, it came out fuzzy. Jessie requested her cheesecake to go, so they brought her out a tiny sundae with a candle instead. I don't recall any silly singing.

Guess what kind of cheesecake I got :)

This looked so cool as we were walking back to the parking garage I had to get a picture. Doesn't she look so comfortable and happy sitting in her bench swing carved with hearts?

Jessie and I both got cute little gift bag presents. I remember she got a Starbucks gift card, along with a bracelet that we both received. It is a black stainless steel rope bracelet with a cute sparkly silvery element in the middle like a slide over the rope- only its fixed in place there.
I also received shampoo to go with my new hair, a loofah and a sugar body scrub that I'd been wanting and only mentioned just that morning. I get terrible dry skin every time I take a shower- I figured it would be a great solution. I also got The Princess and the Frog, and Lady and the Tramp movies. Squee!

It was a great night.