Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More bikes!

Today I had grand plans to finish fiddling with bicycles and devote some much-needed time to the Jamiejacket. Alas, it turned out that I have only fiddled with bikes. Partly that is Jamie's own fault, however.

My husband was so helpful when trying to help me "fix" Zoomie so that I could ride more confidently and safely when the roads get slippery. I've mentioned I fell several times, and even skidded along the last time to damage my glove (and my sneaker, it turns out- the plastic eyelet on the top as well as half the shoelace is just rubbed right off!). Jamie helped me by finding what I thought were the perfect screws (Lath screws), cutting the tips off so they weren't too long or dangerously sharp, and then not even being too annoyed with me when I've had to spend so much stupid time trying to unfail the whole situation. Today the studs came out.

Zoomie now has two completely unpatched tubes in tires without studs and destructive duct tape and other unfriendly things. I did find out why it was the front tire constantly causing problems rather than the back. My rear tire was the second one studded. The studs were nice and even, the duct tape smaller and smoother, and the seat tape band-aids covered the duct tape completely. Likely I could have kept the studs and made them work. But I hate them now for all the trouble they caused, so out they came.

I rode Foreman last week and up until this morning. The seat had just started causing me bruising, but I know from experience that I could have gotten used to it. I operated on Zoomie and rode her to work this afternoon. It felt so nice! My seat was so luxurious, the upright posture was lovely. I rang the bell that I had been missing at everything, and even just to ring it. I drank from my water bottle while pedaling along because I could. I missed my bike. The short deprivation did make me notice one thing, though: something is not quite right with the way I sit on Zoomie. I put too much pressure on my hands, and it does feel like I would slide off if I didn't hold on to the handlebars. Obviously it isn't something that hinders my want to ride, as I've ridden nearly every weekday since September, but it is curious.

Foreman is not destined to remain one of my bikes. after having Zoomie's step-through frame, I simply can't deal with that high nearly-horizontal top tube. It's a pain!
One day I had trouble with Foreman and a man who owns a couple of Pugs that I wave toas I ride by came out and offered help. He let me use a wrench to tighten the axle nut which had come loose (of course the ONE day I don't have my tool kit!). In the course of talking, I remarked that the bike I saw with flat tires and a rusty chain was a gorgeous shade of green, my favorite color. He offered to ask his wife if she wanted to give it away, and long story short- I now have yet another free bicycle. We picked it up yesterday, it is a Huffy Something-or-other. I found a thorn in one tire, and patched it, so now they both seem to hold air. I'll reinstall the wheel tomorrow and lube the chain- it should ride fine, I think. It will need a name soon, too. Foreman didn't even have to donate parts.

It figures that the day I remove the studs it rains with large snowflakes mixed in. Luckily, it ended before I had to ride to work, so I managed to not need any rides. Victory! Next week calls for more rainy or snowy days, but with mountain bike tires to use if I need them, I'm not as worried. Bring it on (though, not really, because I like this "mild" winter, m'kay Mother Nature?)!

Happy Wednesday.