Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday Eve!

Today dawned foggy and cold, but not raining. I rode my bike :)

My clothing: helmet, white beanie, thin long-sleeve AE t-shirt, orange sweater, windbreaker, both kid gloves- stripes over the pink, thin socks, stirrup leggings, thick socks, corduroy pants, sneakers. Oh and my scarf.

I ended up being overdressed. My fingers were sort of chilly, but not numb or hurting. My torso got warm, and like always the windbreaker ended up unzipped. I ended up removing it completely, and the wind chilled my arms only a little. This actually made my hands feel warmer, maybe because I had something to distract my brain from them. My legs were fine, but after I stopped my thighs felt cold and tingly. Feet were awesome, but my sneakers felt confining. I ended up loosening my scarf a lot as my body got hot, but it worked very well when starting out just to keep my chin warm.

I had trouble for the first time with my glasses fogging up. I'm not sure if it's the warmth of my watering eyes making heat near the lenses, or just general temperature shifts that I can't feel. I was careful to breathe downward like usual- which is normal for me anyway. The lenses fogged from the top down, so that's why I thought maybe moisture on my eyelashes, being closer to the lenses and at the top, might have caused it. Much worse and I'll have to figure out a solution, but today they were only bad near the end of the trip.

I saw three deer with great big comical round ears in a yard during my afternoon run. I pointed at them, but my brain-to-tongue connection failed me and I didn't say anything. One girl who was paying attention was happy I pointed them out. The kids on the bus have gotten much less antagonistic now that I'm a regular face, I think. The girls get wildly goofy-giggly, and I can see myself having to remind them to calm down a little as a regular thing. There is a boy that sits up front who liked video games, and he constantly hums various Mario tunes in the afternoons. I happen to like them so I don't mind at all, and sometimes he gets them stuck in my head.

We went grocery shopping at Wal-mart. After this morning, I'm sure I need something better for gloves, and with snow threatening, I definitely want something to be able to play in it. Snowmen, of course! So for around $8 I now have a pair of Faded Glory gloves with 80 grams Thinsulate (70 is for moderate activity or cold conditions, 100 for light activity or very cold conditions). Brown, with some blue stitching. They'll match my bike bag! When I get it made... The gloves are very soft inside without squeezing my fingers like some I tried on. The fingers are slightly too short, but I'm very used to that in gloves and they are maneuverable (in the fat-fingered glove kind of way) enough that I don't notice too much.

Wow and it's later than I thought it was. Tomorrow is Friday, but I don't want to be too sleepy just yet. I have a choice of hot oatmeal or english muffins, or cold cereal for breakfast. I'm thinking oatmeal, yummy.
Goodnight everyone!!