Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

I made the decision that I should resolve to post more often, and shorter posts. I've read before that a blog should be this way, but I didn't particularly care what other people chose to do with their blogs, since this was mine and just for my family.

But I've hit a problem with this theory: 1) If you don't want to read every little thought in my head that i feel like writing about, you don't have to. The glory of a blog over mass-emailing is that it doesn't give the same feeling of intrusion and spam. You either read or you don't. And 2) I forget things if I wait too long to type them. I had wonderful things to report Saturday but I put it off, and then completely did not feel like writing at all. So you get very little of the original wackiness that is me.

I made a rope for Jamie. He brought home MuleTape from work, and original wanted to make a hammock with it. This sounds familiar. Another drawback to waiting to write is that 3) I can't remember what I've already talked about previously, and what I might have missed. Anyway i took the Muletape and created a rope and if I were not lazy I could hook up the laptop to retrieve the pictures from my camera. But I AM lazy. I have lost or left in Florida the cable that is supposed to let me hook the camera to the computer to get the pictures out of it.

I saw duckies, but you can't see them either.

And today I washed my bike.

On the bright side, I've gotten a lot of information and inspiration from a blog I stumbled across Let's go Ride a Bike. Two girls from Chicago and Nashville ride bikes in their regular, quite adorable, clothes. They wear mostly dresses, and even bike throughout the winter, and have done this since 2008. I've been wading my way through 91 pages of posts to get current, and they are awesome people. I'm not like them at all: no fashion sense, horrible photographer, shy. But I'm passionate about things I like, and I love my bike. I want to be like them. I aspire to sew my own nice clothes and dress cutely or nice all the time. I think with my twin's help (/Jedimindtrick You want to move to Oregon) it could be done easily. She has the eye for both awesome clothes and a great camera shot to share with the world, and we would have a blast going to fun places like to get an icecream cone or maybe the game store or Daily Bagel.

But they post almost daily, and that seems a much better idea, if I have the time. I expect I will most days. They also categorize things. I'm not sure if they actually have splits in topics or not, but a different focus for bike stuff and bus things I think might be nice.
I know my dad gets antsy when I don't write for a while :P I think this way I might share more, and I have to believe that someone besides my immediate family might be interested in what I write. Of course if it is just them in my audience, that is ok too. /waveatfamily

So that's it for now, I hope I can stick with this new plan of action, and I should be back soon. Goodnight!