Saturday, January 29, 2011


So, things have been sort of weird lately.

Thursday was of course weird in a predictable way- something strange always happens on Thursday. If it's not the bus (which is was last week) then its the kids. Bus was fine this week so... I noticed one of the teachers get on the bus ahead of me to talk to the students- I know he's has some issues with behavior lately so i thought nothing of it until I pulled up. She didn't come up, but she did warn me- they were bouncing off the walls today and she wished me good luck with them with a sigh of relief to get rid of them, I'm pretty sure. They were really hyper, and I spent the entire trip constantly using the PA and my raised voice to remind individuals sit sit up out of the aisle, sit DOWN all the way, use the inside voice and quit screaming at each other. This last one is their favorite. They sit right next to each other and scream over each other so they can be the one to have their story heard over the one who was trying to talk first, or who was talking, but purposely won't shut up and let the others have their turn. The back of the bus I don't mind so much, but the ones up front next to my head- those I mind a lot. If my radio has to be turned up all the way so I don't miss a transmission- we've got some problems. But I was in a good mood and had been warned, so other than having to yell more than usual, it was a decent trip. Friday was so much better. And I'm glad my bus didn't break.

So that's one weird thing.

The other involves food.
Hubby has found the absolutely most awesome mexican restaurant in the entire world to date. It's called Peppers and its wonderful. The weird thing- I ordered water as I usually do now. I hardly miss soda anymore plus I drink diet when I do crave it- at home. I don't like diet Coke or Pepsi, so I just get water. It always comes with lemon- I always give it to Hubby for his water or tea. I don't like lemon. Well he ordered soda. So I get the lemon slice off the side of my glass and set it aside, and get juice on my fingers. I was too lazy to unwrap my silverware yet, so I licked it off, prepared to make a pucker face. Instead, it was sweet and tangy and delicious, and I proceeded to surprise Hubby and myself by getting the lemon and squeezing it into my water, getting more juice on my fingers, which I licked off. Then I ATE the lemon off the rind and enjoyed it very much.
?????  What's going on here?? I don't know, but that was some of the best water I ever had, and I drank most of the glass- I never drink much at meals. Don't drink much at all during the day, really.
I ordered Mole Poblano, which is chicken in what is now my favorite sauce. It has all the elements of sauce and flavor that I love- its sweet with just enough spice to be interesting but not burn, its smoky and like teriyaki, its thick to stick to the chicken... I have never had anything like it. The meal also came with incredibly yummy mexican rice, and mashed-up refried beans with a little bit of cheese on top. Tortillas too, but I didn't use them. I didn't see the point. I ate a bunch of the chicken and tasted bits of rice and beans, but I had already eaten my carb and knew i'd be taking some home with me. Plus they had a desert I could not pass up...
Banana burritos. It's a whole banana wrapped in a soft shell and I guess fried to be crispy- but its not bubbly, just firm enough to hold nicely. There is a bit of melted chocolate in there, a tiny stripe with the banana- but it was solid chocolate at one point, because the texture said it was. Then they cut the burrito at a steep angle so you have two sections with pretty points and they stand them on end and put some neopolitan ice cream on the plate and zigzag some chocolate syrup for decoration. Whipped cream and a cherry to top off the ice cream. Oh! I love bananas. This was so yummy. I ate some ice cream with it, but I focused mainly on the banana. The cherry mysteriously disappeared, hehe, I think hubby got it.
So there was Peppers, and it was such a wonderful dinner.

Then this morning, er, afternoon, Hubby cooks sausage. It's ground up sausage, and it smells delicious like always, but I don't like sausage. It's a texture thing mostly, but a lot of times I don't care for the flavors either. So this smells delicious, and he has me nuke some eggs to go with it, and he makes a tomatoey gravy too. He makes his breakfast and I taste the sausage, and initially, I like the flavor and the texture is so-so. After he makes his I get my half of the eggs and I'm thinking about making an egg cheese bagel. While my bagel is toasting, I pick out some other bits of sausage to try. I end up eating quite a bit and I like it, so I made a sausage egg and cheese bagel. I made two, but I only had room for one.
I'm not supposed to like sausage... I'm confused.
I made the nutcracker tea for something else flavored to drink and its slightly better (without sugar mind you) than I remembered too.

Besides the strange food thing, I've felt bad the last half of this week. I think it might have been hormonal-type funky though. I fell asleep watching a movie last night, then got up this morning and felt like doing nothing, watched some of George Carlin that Hubby put on for me, and promptly went back to sleep on the couch and woke up at I think 3pm. I've missed exercise a few times this week, which makes me guilty, but I did one a little while ago and I might do two tomorrow. Have to make sure I eat right for it though, because today wasn't enough and I definitely wasn't doing well in what ought to have been a fairly easy workout. I wasn't even feeling up to it earlier- but I flossed and brushed my teeth, took a super long hot shower, then I even at there and filed my nails and painted them with a neat shade of green I'd been meaning to try out. Hubby picked it out and its pretty. I did my toes too, but I can't see them as well, even with my glasses, the nails are small and the shade is light and shiny.

After the self-pampering I felt a little better and did the workout, then took my other shower to rinse off and here I am, sharing everything.

Chocolate milk is yummy.

I found out how to make my font here all pretty. I picked one called schoolbell, I thought it looked the most like my handwriting.

Tomorrow I guess I have to do laundry, I need to give the puppies baths too, and I want to finish the couch, which I ignored last weekend. It's almost done, I'm sure I can do it in one afternoon, if I don't sleep too late. I need to fix my sleep habit for school on Monday, so I'll set an alarm to get me up at the right time.

Happy Saturday.