Monday, January 28, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

This morning I had a slight disaster, that turned out not to be a disaster at all. Let me explain:

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but my new favorite article of clothing is a pair of tights I ordered from Sock Dreams. They are brown, and 40% wool. I got them for $22, and that's quite a steal for wool tights, even if they aren't 100% (shipping is free!). Normally they cost twice that much. I need another pair!

These things are cozy brown inches of awesomeness. The tights are ribbed so they fit a pretty wide range of sizes. My feet are too small to fully fill out the shaped footies of these tights, but I don't mind in the least- I get shaped footies!. I have finally figured out how girls can get away with wearing short skirts in the winter time. I have discovered that wearing skirts in the winter is MORE comfortable than wearing pants. I need skirts along with my second pair of tights on the wishlist.

These things arrived in the afternoon and I admit, I was too chicken to try them out the following morning at -3 degrees Fahrenheit. I DID, however, try them out that afternoon under jeans. It didn't take me very long at all to fall in love with them after that. Yes, at 14 degrees my legs DO get cold enough to stop being entirely comfortable. But, those of you who were reading along last year might recall me getting painfully-cold legs at 20 degrees with silk and leggings and jeans. This is 14 with only ONE LAYER! The tights feel like softness personified- every time I move my legs in a pedal stroke, I felt coziness at the same time as chilliness. At normal temperatures, these things really shine, though. 32 degrees is downright comfortable in these tights. I've discovered an aversion to my jeans- my most comfortable pants- because they just aren't the same. Somehow the denim transfers cold- and at warmer temperatures that feel perfectly fine with just the tights feel oddly sweltering at the same time as cozy. Did I mention these tights are cozy?

But, I only have the one pair. I also, for comfort reasons, prefer not to wear underwear due to my bicycle commute. They aren't kidding when they say wool is the best material to wear next to your skin, by the way! Anyway, I wash my tights every night. I simply throw them in the wash with other clothes, but I make certain they do not get to meet the new dryer my parents brought. They go over the shower rod to air dry instead, and they are ready to put on first thing in the morning when I want to get dressed.

Guess what didn't happen Sunday? Right- I forgot to start the washer before we went to play Pathfinder. So, I started that last load of laundry when we got home, a bit later than I like to be in bed on a school night. Jamie forgot to swap the machines for me before he crashed into bed a little later, so I woke up to wet clothes still in the washer.

Panicking that I wouldn't be able to get them dry and would have to suffer the day without my tights, I still did not give in to the temptation to toss them in the dryer. Over the shower rod they went. The rest of the clothes went into the hotbox, and I proceeded to get ready for work. I brushed my hair, checked the weather, made some icky oatmeal. In case you were wondering, strawberry jam is NOT a proper substitute for the blueberries that you were planning to use but had mold in them. Finally, there was nothing left to do but take the dogs outside, and I figured I really should be dressed to do that. I put on damp tights (they are never really "wet" out of the washer- always just damp).

Somehow, in the 7 minutes or so it took for my old dog to do both orders of business, I realized that the cold wasn't as bad as I had feared. When I got back into the warm house, I realized that the legs of the tights- damp when  went outside- were now almost completely dry. I was comfortable.


So I went to work, damp wool-tighted feet stuffed in my sneakers. My feet didn't get cold either, but they took the entire morning ride to dry- I think they were still not quite dry when I took my shoes off back at home. Oh well, I don't care!!

<3 my wool tights!

In case you were wondering- my other favorite things include my husband, my cloak, my bike, my dogs, my Mooncup. The color green. My cloak, at least, will be reviewed in another post soon- but I'll give you a hint- Every day I've worn the tights, I've also worn the cloak!

Happy Monday!
(No, this wasn't today- it was last week)