Monday, May 20, 2013

An Unplanned Field Trip

I went to the zoo one of these past Fridays.

I hadn't bid on any trips. All the spring storms, combined with lingering cold weather, meant that several planned trips had to be canceled and rescheduled. Not only were the office folks struggling to figure out how to make sure everyone had a bus to use, but they were in need of drivers for them as well. Of course I'd like to go to the zoo!  (wow, didn't this happen once already?? deja vu)

It continually amazes me how appreciative teachers are when their driver is not a wrinkled old zombie who stays with the bus, but someone who gets a little bit excited,  who wants to get out with the kids and have fun. I didn't actually get out with the kids, but that is only because this trip was a planned vacation day for the teachers- there were enough chaperons to be able to cut them loose into groups and leave the teachers free of young ones for a while. Not being familiar with these kids, I decided to make a group of one, and set out to enjoy the zoo by myself.

Both me and one of the teachers had homemade dresses. The only reason I suspected hers of being homemade was that you just don't find adorable dresses like that in adult sizes. She had apparently made a field trip dress last year, and decided to make a tradition of it. This one was a short-sleeved simple dress, made of white fabric covered in tiny little cute zoo animals, and I remember red lacy trim on all the edges. I wore my green jumper. When it came time to meet up at the end of the allotted time frame (was it the BUS entrance or the MAIN entrance??), I was very glad for that zoo dress. It was indeed the main entrance designated as the meet-up spot.

SO MANY kids!

I finally found the promised froggies! It turns out, if I had gone left instead of right, I could have seen them first.

Wax frog.

NOT a clump of mud.

Poison dart frog.

 Also, turtles for Jamie. 
Their tank was so pretty, I hope you can tell from the pictures.

See!? It was really me there, not just my camera.

Now. As it turns out, this day of (getting-paid!) fun would have a big impact on me again for another day of fun in the future. 
Stay tuned...