Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day!

Yesterday marks the first holiday from school since we started a few weeks ago.

My bus route is fairly short, but also simple, once you know what color mailboxes you need to be stopping at. I end up doing a short little circle, then sitting at the middle school for an hour before doing a very similar circle for the elementary. To pass the time, I've brought my knitting bag. My first sock is somewhat ugly filled with mistakes, but finally complete! I've started on the matching second sock.

I need to learn how to bind off. Despite being what i thought was careful to do it loosely, the edge it still tight and restrictive. It takes some wiggling to put the sock on over my heel :(

This new route is out of the other terminal, which means I'm no longer riding Zoomie to work everyday. I miss my bike, but at the same time- yay I get to drive Sagra! The little New Beetle is practically perfect, and it makes me happy to drive around. The air conditioner is broken, but it doesn't bother me because I zoom along everywhere with the windows and sunroof wide open. The leather seats bother me because I stick to them. If I'm not careful, it can be quite painful to sit on them if the sun has been baking that black leather too. I've learned to park facing West in the morning, and East in the afternoon to avoid that particular complication.


...and moon! 
They were out together one morning.

I believe the next class starts on the 9th? I could be wrong.
This sign showed up one day on the gates around the terminal.

I just HAD to stop and take pictures. 
I'd been passing these flowers for days thinking what a great picture background they'd make.

Because I now take the car to the far bus terminal, this means I usually end up having to take Jamie to work and pick him up at night. So far we've only had one issue where he needed to be in to work at 7am and stay until 5pm. We left the house at 5:30 and he dropped me off instead, then came to get me when his shift ended. Other than that, I usually drop him off at noon. I don't need to leave until about 2pm, and so I've started taking Grunt on rides. After 4 days in a row with Jamie working 12-9, he had a day off. You can NOT tell me that dogs have no sense of time. It starts getting close to noon, and every time one of us moves to get a drink, or even just to adjust our position in the computer chair, Grunt got excited. It actually took me a minute to figure out why, and then I laughed at him and felt bad at the same time.

Waiting for Jamie, peoplewatching.

I has a smell.

Since Grunt and I love doing stuff together and I miss bike rides, guess what else we've been doing?

There is a little lake right here with a 4 mile trail circling it. About half is on a gravel trail, the other half is sidewalk. Grunt can run around the whole thing, and will protest loudly if I try to make him ride in the trailer. Ask me how I know :)

I attached a light to his harness. With it being so hot, I don't want him to burn his feet so we can't go out right when I get home at 5ish. The evening is also a little bit cooler overall, but it gets dark fast. So- lights.

And THEN comes this weekend. My little sister had her second child Friday morning, so we enjoyed our Monday off and went to see everybody.

Everybody, meet little baby Eli, my nephew.

He coos like a little dove while he sleeps. Even baby snores are adorable?

His lack of a chin is cute. 
I see he gets his nose from his mom for sure.
TINY little finger nails!

After the hospital visit, we picked up some things and regrouped for dinner at my dad's house. We had taco salad.

I got to ride in the back!

Jessie and I exchanged gifts-for-no-reason. She got me a little froggy ear cuff that I have to figure out how to wear, and THIS!

It's actually kind of funny. She said we could put it out like this to let people know that there is a short little car parked in the space, that it's not empty. My roommate tried to park in Sagra's spot just a day before this! He made derogatory bubble and escape pod comments, then did the same thing with a spot that had a motorcycle in it. 

We lingered in Colorado Springs far too long, and today I was rather slow. Thankfully, tomorrow is a perfectly-timed Late Start day, so maybe I can sleep in. AND after work we have a promising lead on a rental house, which we're supposed to go look at. Cross your fingers for us!

With a holiday on Monday, this week seems like its going to be pretty great.