Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aimee-day! Part 1

Yesterday, most of my family made the 2-hour drive to come see me and give me a fantastic Friday. Jamie also had the day off. I was in the mood to celebrate too- I just got a regular route!

My sister and my mom didn't arrive until the afternoon, so we had to rearrange things a bit from the way I had planned. Instead of going to JoAnn's and then doing my new afternoon run, everything happened after work. My sister wasn't feeling well, so my mom picked me up, and Jamie stayed home with my twin. 

I had lots of idea on what sorts of project materials I wanted to spend my gift card on. I could make a beanbag, I could get fabric to make a winter coat that fits. I could just find pretty fabric for a dress... and I knew I wanted patterns, because I only buy them when they go on sale for $0.99. 

Well, I talked myself out of a beanbag because my dog is currently in a stage of marking everything, and JoAnn's didn't have beanbag filling. I talked myself out of a winter coat because the leather jacket I have now works fine* even if it doesn't fit. My mom asked me about my cloak as I was thinking out loud about a jacket, and we decided that we'd get fleece to line it with- the reason I don't wear it is because the thin PUL fabric isn't really insulating at all, and the plasticy underside would touch me. We found the Babyville Boutique section, grabbed a multi-pack that had the solid green in it for color comparison, and promptly found the perfect shade of fleece to match. It's lettuce green blizzard fleece.

My mom pointed out a pretty fabric on our way past a display round filled with bolts, and I did a double-take. It's a seersucker fabric with bright yellow and green stripes with a floral pattern all over. I loved it! I decided that I had to have it. I have visions of it becoming a breezy summer dress. Figuring that was probably enough fabric to kill the $20 gift card, we went to the pattern counter. I had made a list before leaving the house, and went to retrieve patterns. I rejected a few that I decided I didn't really want, and ended up with 5. Yay!

My Christmas presents! Isn't that fabric wonderful?
I found it on their website after checking my receipt. 

Swimsuits. The green ruffly one is my favorite.

Doll stuff. I have a niece that might like doll accessories, and I first started sewing for my Magic Attic Club Megan doll. Hopefully my sister still has the nightgown and fur coat I made for her.

An ADORABLE dress!

Hats! And gloves. I rejected pattern 6254 which was gloves and scarves, since this one had gloves also.

Cute flared dresses. 
Maybe a stripey summer dress?

The other special part of Aimee-day, other than a special shopping trip to Jo-Ann's (which we don't have locally- it's in Boulder), was the main event- a duct tape dress form!! I need other people to wrap me up, it's not something you can do to yourself. Before we got home, though, we had to go shopping. We had decided to play Chopped again instead of cooking the enchiladas that Jamie had started earlier. 

A new grocery store just opened up called Sprouts. We really liked our first visit on Thursday, so that's where I had Mom stop on the way home. Sprouts has all kinds of wholesome foods, as well as some of the really expensive stuff. Granola is really cheap, there are all kinds of bins with yummy things in them. Jamie finally found peanuts in the shell so he can make us some boiled peanuts. There is a section with all kinds of strange meats in little packages. Kangaroo, antelope, bison, wild boar. I was excited to get one of those, but mom didn't really want to experiment when it came to dinner- Chopped can be strange enough with foods we know we like.

So our ingredients turned out to be:

For dinner- shrimp, candied ginger, cabbage, and potatoes.
For dessert- rice lasagna noodles, Nutella, colby cheese, and blueberries.

No special plating this time.
The ginger is in the sauces, with little bits of it on top of the cabbage. This was a very tasty Asian dish. The potatoes had a creamy sauce of coconut milk and cream on them which was the perfect bite to have in between bites of the other two so you kept getting the wonderful flavors. 
I didn't feel so awkward about drinking the juice off the plate when my mom did the same thing!
Jessie, who doesn't like shrimp (didn't know that) had a version of this made with chicken.

A blueberry rice noodle cake with sauce of Nutella and cheese. Our food processor can't dust things like the ones on tv do, so the cake had little harder bits in it, but we liked the extra texture. We aren't quite sure how off-white noodles and blue berries equal a green cake, though. 
I really liked the cake, and I really liked the sauce, but I really LOVED the cake soaked in the sauce.
Mom and I both had seconds.

We watched The Amazing Spiderman while Jamie cooked, and we finished desert just before the ending. Perfect timing! Then, it was time to wrap me up in duct tape. I think this post is long enough, and I'm not done with it, so I'll leave that part for another post- Aimee-day part 2.

Happy Friday!!