Friday, January 14, 2011

happy friday

If I never see another piece of sliced turkey deli meat, I would not be saddened. Eating it 4 slices at a time makes it a chore in a hurry. I cannot wait until phase 2 when I don't have to eat as much protein. I'm considering going to just veggies for lunch and the protein powder as a drink. Dinner is usually fine- Jamie cooks and he makes things tasty and mixed with tasty veggies and I get a bread or rice or something. But finding something for lunch that is 2 proteins, a veggie, and maybe a dairy is getting old.

And this blog with its autosave while I'm trying to type is annoying!

Anyway, the workout thing is going well overall. Hubby is happy that he is dropping weight. I'm just happy in general with it. I feel like it can't fail now that I figured out the diet. I am REALLY looking forward to the next phases so we'll phase out all the meat and add back in the carbs. I find it a curious thing that I could go all day without one now- I'm not craving bread or anything. Actually Hubby has been eating his carb earlier in the day and I've had to look for something to add to the meal! Usually its a double handful of oyster crackers (yes, I am actually counting out 44 of the little things still). We don't actually have any bread in the house.
Last night was planned for spaghetti night- I wanted spaghetti. And so we had it with a meat sauce and it was delicious.

I've pretty much given up most beverages like my fruit juice. I missed that a lot at first too, but that's also gone away. I'll have water, but even the little bit I drink (not nearly what I should be) made me visit the bathroom so much more often I was getting seriously annoyed. I kind of LIKE not having to worry about it 'cept for a few times a day. But I guess the drastic diet change- really the considerable reduction of sodium from what I already thought was a pretty good salt-free diet, was more than I thought. I am very glad that it seems to be evening out again, because 3 times a night from 0 previously was getting problematic when I really need my sleep to be good.

I've been fully converted to diet sodas, too. I hear they aren't that great for you, but I feel compared to a regular soda- I don't give a care. I don't even have one a day- it's maybe two a week. It helps that the others drink all forms of diet soda also, so usually they disappear by the time I want a second one. One soda lasts all day long. I don't like Coca-Cola in general, and Diet Coke is to me a vile nastiness. But Diet Mountain Dew is great, and root beer Dr Pepper, and Cherry Coke, though I pour it into a glass to reduce the bubbles.

(I've just decided that being overly concerned about offending people by being specific in public with regarding to brand names and such is dumb. Its my opinion and I don't plan to go about defaming anybody, just sometimes mentioning them. I'll still try to keep other people anonymous, though.)

My students this week were decent. I think the cold weather is affecting them, maybe because they aren't going outside as usual. Without snow, what's the point, you know? I heard we are currently the only state in the whole country without snow. But the kids have been hyper, anyway. One day they were ignoring the lights so badly (the signal for quiet- lights on means silence at railroads and any other time) that the names I was calling for role weren't being heard. I realized this, of course, and after I quieted them down using the PA, I asked if I had missed anybody just like always. Half the bus seemed like they raised their hand, and I cut loose. I had started out offering the lights off early for a quick roll-call, but that was reversed and they had an entirely silent bus ride that afternoon. I allowed note-passing.

My bus has decided that a 4 day weekend is simply not good enough, and it did not start this morning- its going for 5 days off I guess. I was so mad at it I kicked it in the door. Useless, of course, but I felt better. Now, I know cold weather makes them seriously sluggish and reluctant to start, but I had thought I finally figured out my bus' particular quirks, and this wasn't the same. It I couldn't describe why, but something isn't normal. I wrote up a work order. Which was good, because I'd been forgetting to write up the silly windshield washers for a while. The tubies are disconnected. I put them back and they pop off again, so maybe the connector was damaged. I use the washers so often, you know :)

Several of the kids have returned their new decorated name tags. One has googly eyes, and a lot have Sesame Street characters on them, courtesy of one of the boys who can draw them very well. One has a few stickers, and we've got a Twilight fan. 

This week is a week for tiny animals, I guess. Several kids have brought in itty-bitty stuffed things like an elephant and a monkey. One brought it a funky storybook character and there was a debate on whether it was hairy or furry. It looked like a person and she said it talked, so my vote was hairy (versus furry for an animal, in my opinion).

Back to the exercise, I had wanted to add some about Yoga last night. 
I'd been meaning to write a little every day as thought occur to me, but usually its very bad timing, such as when I don't feel like sitting down and rambling for an hour when I should take my shower and go to bed.
Yoga I was very proud of myself over. I personally dislike it, I think, but its so much better than before. Every time we put it in it feels as though he's going through the moves faster, and that is totally fine by me. 
There is one move which I was thinking impossible to do- I think its called right angle pose. You start in a warrior stance- a forward lunge with the back heel down, and arms out in the same directions on the same side. Then you lean forward as far as you can and then put that forward arm to the ground, causing you to bend down and now your arms are up and down while you're lunging. They go to extended right angle pose, where you attempt to make your lunge into a straight line by taking that top arm and angling with your body over your head. That's hard, my shoulder doesn't want to put my arm where I feel the line should be. Then you return it back vertical. 
Next is the "impossible" part. You drop the arm behind your back. You take the one that was on the ground (helping support you in that forever-lunge) and it now goes UNDER your pretzel-self and you try to touch hands. This move was ridiculous- my hip was on fire unable to support me. Like whatever is in there was being squashed and lit aflame.

Well last night I actually stayed up! On the right side, I could almost do the whole time with the video. The left wasn't as strong, but I stayed up a little bit! I could also do some of the sideways portion where your body stays stick-straight and you hold yourself up on one arm and your feet. Hubby actually said look at me go, yoga-master. I was so happy. The first day my arm just shook like crazy and wouldn't lock to hold me up.


There are some new country songs that I absolutely love. Thompson Square made my current favorite- "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not". This is good because nothing had struck me lately as a "me" song like Fireflies, Love Story or Jump Rope or Bubbly. Sounds that I especially like and end up becoming my songs. Hubby has a really great knack at finding them on the radio so I can listen to them. Anyway, that's a new one I heard.

I guess that's enough for one sitting, so Happy Friday to me and all who read this :)