Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick :(

Well drat. I almost escaped. The schools have a new virus going around and I was congratulating myself on NOT servicing that particular school, when Friday my kids started hacking up lungs and of course, I go home with a hurting throat- the sure sign that my weekend is shot.
Sure enough, I slept I think 13 hours relatively straight, then continued to sleep for about 4 hour increments all day Saturday. I got up Sunday and swapped laundry machines between naps until it was certain at about noon that I wasn't going to fall asleep anymore, even though I really wanted to. Laundry was all finished, though, and then I watched movies until Jamie got home and we went to bed. I'm happy the holiday gives me just one more day to be lazy and just sit, getting closer to over this thing. I hate being sick. I hope that me staying in bed so much also lets the others in the house escape it, but I'm not holding a breath, so to speak, for that one.

I had the idea sometime last week that while I have so much time at work, I could be doing something useful, instead of just poking around online. I should get out my beads and start some projects and use that cute little metal tote for what it was meant. I plan to ride my bike a bit now that the weather is a bit better too. I also thought that writing would be fun. I like writing, but I lack inspiration sometimes. I'm not good at creating anything out of thin air- I do better with english assignments, art class, or drawing with an object in front of me. Then I can go from there, maybe.

So what would you like me to write about? What do you like to read about? I'll take any ideas, silly or serious, short or long. Anything. I could do poems, short stories, long stories, just throw some ideas at me. What kinds of things are you interested in? I'll even do some research if I'm in the right mindset at the time. I have time remember? So whenever I feel like writing (and perhaps sometimes even when I don't) I can go look at my list of suggestions and just pick one. I wrote a few good stories based on a Warcraft character of mine in response to a writing challenge where you had to let your music player choose 30 random songs from your library, and then write something based on the song, the title- whatever struck your fancy. So let's hear some ideas! You never know where one good idea might lead to...