Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, no Wednesday! 9/7/11

Today is the second day of school. I'm proud to say that yesterday, I was a completely acceptable 4 minutes late to my stops. That's like a traffic light variance. Today, however, all the higher grades also came to school. I suppose they were allowed to skip yesterday for some reason. Traffic at the first school was worse today, and instead of arriving at the second elementary school at the printed 8:04, it was more like 8:19. I was not the only bus, so I didn't feel so bad. I'll be happy when all these parents go back to being lazy and leaving their kids to walk or ride as they will.

Parents here don't seem as nice to me. Yesterday three elementary schoolers got of on the wrong stop- a whole five houses away from where they were supposed to get off in their own driveway. They had lost the tiny post-it note with their address, didn't know their address, and couldn't grasp the concept that I had to drive in a loop. So I get to their stop where a mom is waiting, but no kids are standing up. Instead, she wants to let me know that HER kids walked all that way from the WRONG stop that I let them off at. As if how dare I not be able to read minds and know instinctively that this kid goes there and that one goes there. I'm more mad about it now than I was yesterday, when I was just being nice to her.

I got a rose this morning, though.

A little boy's birthday is today, he is eight. He brought some flowers on the bus with him that he and his younger brother picked from their garden, I suppose, and I got a small rose with a tiny stem. I tucked it into the seat belt cutter, which makes a nice visible holder for it.

The older kids on my first section wanted me to zoom over a hill. They swear that if I do it right we can catch air. I'm still too busy trying to figure out where addresses are, because i don't know which ones I'm supposed to skip. I hate that routes stay the same from year to year. If no kid lives there anymore, don't put it on the sheet.

Yesterday was also the first day I commuted by bike. Apparently doing that route four times a day is harder than just one trip to school for in-service. Who would have thought? The last one was much slower and in easier gears than the first trip. I arrived at home feeling like my jeans were boa constrictors and immediately changed into shorts. It was hotter in the house than outside and I was hot from pedaling. My bike is doing well, though, I guess. I think the chain needs lubing, I can hear it chinking slightly as I pedal, and I think its supposed to be silent. My shifter is a little off, maybe from rattling during the move, and so occassionally the chain will drop in gear and I have to fix it, but thats simple enough and not frequent enough to really worry about yet.

My tan pants with the thigh pocket are NOT bike-approved wear. They pull too tight while I'm pedaling, and also the seat is weird and tight and causes me to slip forward on the seat, so I'm constantly pushing back as I go. They were just bad. I've changed already.

I feel fat. During the health fair last week I scored poor or below average on almost everything. We just finished a month of P90X where I didn't change at all except to get back those arm muscles. I don't care about those stupid tiny bumps. I weighed 125 last week, and its in the middle of my cycle, so that wasn't even the reason. Eat more, eat less, exercise my butt off, or be lazy. It doesn't matter. WTF. Those pants really ticked me off.

Anyway, I'll keep riding my bike and see if that helps. It's fun, anyway, when I'm not tired. I get to see horses and birds and stuff. I need to get a wallet or something instead of my purse, its very bulky. Plus I've been carrying a sewing kit, various little things, and never once needed them. I'd rather not have a sore shoulder and worry about where I leave my purse just to carry stuff around "just in case". I had a wallet in high school, guys have just wallets, and so I'm going to go back to one. Eventually. Plus my poor purse is dirty and I feel bad. I need to take it to a leather cleaner.

So that's my first couple of days of work so far. /wave