Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Florida Vacation

I had a bunch of stuff written out about our trip, but I decided it was boring, and incorrect anyway. My memory sucks. Instead, here are some pictures with narration instead.

FRIDAY, May 24th, about 5:30pm

The boys got the front for the most part. Occasionally I would drive, and sometimes Jamie stayed back here so he could sleep stretched out.

Grunt is spoiled. See how he gets 2/3 of the whole backseat?


Being funny. Grunt was desperate to bring his toy, so finally we said yes (he ignored it the whole trip, I guess he just wanted to pack his things too). The froggy is riding his collar, and did so for about 5 minutes until the mount got sleepy again. Grunt thinks car trips are boring too.

Sonic Drive-In for dinner.

Grunt is hungry too!



Dawn. Still going to Texas.

The pass-though in the seat to the trunk was kind of handy.

I never get tired of seeing these. I might have to put mini wind flowers in a garden someday. I wonder if I can get solar ones, so they spin all the time, like those creepy flowers that dance constantly in the tiny pots?

Guess where we went for breakfast.

Egg in a basket.

Grunt doesn't eat on road trips. I learned this in the exodus to Oregon, and this time I decided to not even try. He ate what we ate, for the most part. 

Yay a jawbreaker! This one is on a stick for handling convenience.

Jamie and one of our friend's "rats on stilts". She has 2 Italian Greyhounds. They are all at once creepy in their boniness and adorable in face expressions and jumpiness. BOING!!! We had yummy pizza lunch in Texas.



Guess where we stopped for breakfast.


I got the front so Jamie could nap.

After nap. Awwwwww.

Grunt gets the scent of Florida!

Florida woods.

YAY! A yard!!!

Spent with Grandad.


The patio of Moe's, a Mexican burrito place like Chipotle. It's built in what was first a McDonald's, where I used to work in high school.

We had Moe's burritos, or in my case a taco salad, on the way to the West coast to visit Jamie's dad.

Jamie's dad works at Buca di Beppo, so guess where we ate dinner?

The only picture of our roommate that is available. 

Ugly duck that lives in the retention pond. We stood in the backyard and threw it some stale bread.


On the way to the beach!

There was a lot of wrestling going on. It didn't stop even in the water.

And sometimes wrestling results in injury. Jamie's dad thought he poked him in the eye. Jamie's reflexes work!

Finding a seafood lunch.

In the fish tank of the Wharf, where we ate. We had their varieties of fish tacos- delicious! I forgot to get a picture before devouring commenced.

Cute bathroom :)

Back at dad's house...

We went back to Grandad's that night, stopping on the way to have dinner with my Grandma and Aunt Maryellen. We had Sonny's Barbecue, which could not have been more perfect. Sweet tea, corn fritters, mm mm mm. I gave Grunt my ribs- I would not recommend the dry rub variety.


Have fun with the squirrels!

In the Daytona Beach mall, Mr. Dunderbak's looks exactly the same as always. 
We had an amazing lunch here. Jamie was almost certain he'd gotten our roommate convinced to move to Florida when he took a bite of his sandwich. I had an adorable fat little sausage called knockworst- the yummiest hot dog ever. We also enjoyed onion rings and potato cakes. Onion rings are sold by the foot at Mr. Dunderbak's!

We went to lunch to pass the time waiting for our glasses to be done! This was one of the big items on our to-do list of Florida capers. My roommate and I both needed new glasses- his were too short to hook his ears properly and fell off a lot, and for me it's been.... 4 years!

The exam was quick and painless- we didn't even have to get drops in our eyes and wear those stupid paper and plastic glasses. 
For once, the doctor answered my question about the flippy "one or two?" part of the exam. When in doubt on the choices- choose the option where the letters are larger and clear, rather than the one that makes them super-clear, but smaller. I only had two of those indecisive choices- one in each eye. Otherwise the choice was incredibly obvious. It felt too easy.

The people at 20/20 were awesome as always. For the first time, I ended up with a pocketful of cute frames to choose from as we browsed the store. I nearly ended up in children's frames, but they were a TEENSY bit too narrow for my face. Unfortunately, men's selection was limited to one or two sections, but Jon picked out very nice glasses. Jamie helped us both of course.

Here are mine! 

After our first visit for eye exams, we officially went on a hunt for cupcakes. Our roommate Jon said that my cocoa butter lotion reminded him of frosting, and that made him want cupcakes. After the words were spoken, we all wanted cupcakes.

It's harder than you might think to just find a cupcake. Most bakeries only sell breads or pies, or sell out on cupcakes if they do make them (that would of course be their goal, but it makes getting some for us difficult). 

Finally, the search led to the Sweet Spot. Ironically enough, it's right next to Bellini's in Deland, where a TCBY used to be. We bought out all of their cupcakes (15).

There are twinkie, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, peanutbutter cup, and chocolate cheesecake flavors. One strawberry cheesecake did not survive the trip home.
 >.>    <.<

We enjoyed other desserts too :) 
Jon made me oatmeal cookies, and we had all of this giant watermelon during our visit. 


Our last day in Florida, but we still had things we wanted to do. We left Grunt at Grandad's for one last time, to go out and enjoy ourselves.

We just HAD to stop and get an ice cream sandwich for $1, especially after seeing Sweet Spot, which reminded me strongly of this cute little place in Flagler Beach.

Driving along A1A to dinner.

<3 Sapporo Japenese Steakhouse. 

We go there to see the French chef JP cook for us on the Hibachi tables. I had scallops, Jamie and Jon had tuna steak.

Saying goodbye to the yard?

The car awaits.

Stalling, saying goodbye.

Look how big our Christmas tree got!!


It rained almost the whole way back.
We had breakfast at Bob Evans, where I made sure to have some biscuits and gravy with my waffle.

This is where Sapporo leftovers were finally pitched. I had a second meal, but there was still some after that. We picked out meaty bits before abandoning the leftover rice and veggies.

When I wasn't driving, I was kind of bored.

Finally it stopped! Here is some flooding from the rain.

And the sun set with us still driving. We made it back right at midnight, I think. We carried up one armload each of whatever we happened to grab. Then, I'm pretty sure we all collapsed into bed for 13 hours of true sleep. I was asleep, so I can't be positive about that. :P

And so our vacation ends.