Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The weather the past two days has been nearly nice. If the sun had been out, I would have thought they were perfect.

But no, we had to have clouds obscuring the wonderful sunshine that would have made the slightly chill temperature just perfect. Yesterday afternoon I actually had a 20 mile-per-hour headwind almost the entire way to work, but it was slightly warmer than today, so I was just annoyed rather than cold and annoyed. I worked off the calories from everything I ate that day before the ride, I'm pretty sure.

I keep waiting for some sign that spring is here, but nothing is turning green yet, nothing is blooming. I've seen a pretty flowerbed, but the flowers in it just mysteriously appeared there with new mulch and such- they were planted from a garden center. I suppose I will continue to look. Maybe the gloomy cloud cover and sporadic rain will convince the basin that it should be growing.

I've seen a few more cyclists out and about, and we nod at each other or exchange two-word pleasantries. Why are they always going the opposite direction? I had to weave through a little family headed to a store, which was a bit nerve-wracking.

Today I decided to go somewhere besides work. I planned to go to the bike shop, get new maps, mark one of them for my brother-in-law, and then take it to his bike while he worked his first day. Then he would come out and be surprised to find it on his bike, and then commute home by bike for the first time along the bike path which would be marked every mile with something cute like "1 mile down, 2 to go!" with sidewalk chalk.

But, he got off early and made it home, probably while I was getting the chalk. So instead I went back home we talked bikes for a bit, and I gave him the new map. Someday soon I will go on that section of path beyond Main Street to the movie theater, but not today it seems.

Mission of non-commute ride: accomplished!