Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun Weekend Antics

Well, my last post wasn't all that great, but I'm happy to report that things seem to be back to normal.
Thank goodness!

Scenes like this while biking home every day helped. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view.

My parents came to visit also. They brought their bikes, so we all escorted Jamie to work. We had to fix a flat tire on mom's bike, but it didn't take long at all. She may need a new tire soon because it looked like the rubber had a bulge in it. She thinks it may be because the bike was hanging low on the rack and the tire was near the car's exhaust pipe. We were back on our way quickly, and then after we left Jamie at work we stopped at the grocery store to pick out our mystery ingredients for our home version of Chopped!

I need to go work on Jamie's shorts, so you just get some more pictures. I can't justify working on my rain cape (which I might need here very shortly from the forecast) until I get something done with the first sewing project in line.

Geese along the trail :)

And deer! Can you see both of them?

Fall is coming.

My dad is having a blast, hehe. 
My pictures of mom and Jamie were blurry, and my attempted shot of myself is dumb because I was making a stupid face as I tried to not only get myself in the shot, but also not crash.

Fixing the flat tire.

Putting it back together. Yay teamwork!

Can you guess what one of our ingredients is?

Other ingredients, mostly donuts. 
We had a fun time trying to figure out how to transport the donuts in a flimsy delicate flat box. We had found a solution by lightly strapping it down with tiny bungies with hooks punched through the cardboard edges, but they didn't like the looseness.

Isn't this pretty?! 
Ingredients are: pork loin, pumpkin, peas and glazed donuts. 
The donuts are mixed into the pea puree in the rice. The pumpkin is sweet and cinnamony, the rice is slightly sweet, and then the pork loin is pan-fried with a crunchy outside, but was tender enough to eat with just a fork. There is a topping of onion and tomato that also made the rice very interesting with textures and tasty.

Jamie said there would be no photographing dessert, but that's not fair. 
Ingredients are: pears, rum, cottage cheese, and blue corn tortilla chips.
Mom and dad both had second helpings. The chips were still crunchy and were sweet and salty. The pears were cooked in the rum. I'm not sure how well the taste of the rum came out (we should cook with it more! hehe), but the pears were delicious and the cottage cheese went with it pretty well. This was very hot when we were served too. It was an odd dessert, but a successful one I think.