Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Errandonnee, Day 2

One errand down, eleven  to go. 24.7 miles still to go in order to meet the 30 mile requirement.
Day two.

Today Zoomie took me to work have coffee tea. We went to have tea! If it happened to be tea made from the cupboard stores at work, what of it? Still counts!

This Tuesday happened to be one of my husband's days off work, so I didn't want to stay out all day or night running errands. Besides, anyone who knows me well might recognize procrastination when they see it. Here you go folks! Not only am I beginning a challenge 2 days before it ends (3, thankyousnowday!), but I'm also deliberately NOT really doing errands in the first two days. WEEE! Hows that for a challenge, hmm?

So right. Tea.

This tea really IS jammin'. I observed that I like ginger a LOT more than I thought. Or I would, if I didn't have a better observation, also with photo proof.

You see, yesterday was windy. Remember how I said it likes to make life miserable? Well, we just restarted the P90X workout program.
Guess what today was?


What is Plyo, you ask?
It's freakin jump training. As in jumping up and down. On your legs.

Oh wait, the same legs you use for pedaling?

Yeeeessss.... The wind. It's blowing at 20 miles per hour right now, with gusts of 29 mph, I know.

Proof of evil wind:

But that is not my observation for this errand.

This would be my new top speed. 
27.18 MPH.

I achieved this with a slightly-helpful-but-mostly-trying-to-kill-me crosswind on the way to work going down the monster hill. I ran out of hill before I could see true top speed, but I assure you 27 mph is quite adequate for scaring me half to death. In the process of trying not to die by whizzing through the stop sign at the bottom of the monster hill, I also observed the need for better brakes. Still :P

My second errand was to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work. I mean tea. My plan was to get a Mio flavor shot thingy, but did you know those are ridiculously expensive? There are no generic flavoring thingies with electrolytes, which was my whole purpose in wanting Mio. Water has been boring lately, and therefore hard for me to drink, but I've been really thirsty, probably because I didn't feel like drinking plain water. Thus, electrolytes. Anyway, no Mio for me. I'll make do with tasty teas. Instead, I got 2 zero-sugar Monster energy drinks. 

I thought a peek into my saddlebag would make a cute picture, so here is the proof of my purchasing errand:
My observation: wind sounds really cool.
I mean I hate it, it is evil, but it SOUNDS nifty. I have been listening to music on my phone lately because the sound of traffic just gets incredibly irritating after a while. Today, I decided not to put in the earphones, a decision made in part because the wind would make the long cord snag on everything anyway. Instead, I heard frantic wind chimes, creaky trees and rustling leaves. I heard howling past my ears. It was nice.
Also, despite my little bike computer claiming near-fifty degrees, it was way too cold to have fingers exposed. My husband will not be getting these foundling wool gloves back anytime soon.

That's all for today. 3 of 12 errands done. 11.2 miles covered out of 30. I'm beginning to think mileage is a non-issue. I had worried because my commute is so much shorter. That's only 18.8 miles left to go! Once upon a time I went that far in one single ride :)

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