Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday's Post

Currently the internet here is broken, so I’m writing this with the intent to transfer it to blogger at some later point. Oh well. If I hadn’t told you, you’d never know. Obviously, if you're reading this: fixed!

Today the weather seems to have gotten me. We’ve had gray skies all weekend, and today was no different. It is gray, and windy, and cold. I came home and Jamie was awake, so we took a blazing hot shower. Hot water and cuddles didn’t really help, though they were nice. I asked Jamie to make me breakfast. We had yummy egg sandwiches. I was still bleh, so I reheated my chai tea latte (latte means with milk, I guess). I’ll tell anyone who will listen that it’s my favorite drink- it smells and tastes like Christmas in a cup. But it didn’t help either. So I went out to the chilly trailer and finally put all the clean clothes away. I had been meaning to reorganize so I could reach things better instead of having to crawl over the bench seats to get dressed.
The wind on the way to work was strong and gusty. I felt like I fought the whole way. I was trying to hurry too, because it was after 2:30, when I normally like to leave the house. I passed all the kids getting out of school and waved at crossing guards, who delayed a crossing a few seconds so I could pedal past. One young boy on a little yellow BMX bike was going down the sidewalk and we were next to each other for a minute. He asked if I wanted to race. I laughed and said I’d love to, but I’d spent the last 3 miles fighting this wind and I was tired. That’s not quite true. Home to work is 2.9 miles according to Google and I wasn’t quite there. But I kept up with him a bit until he slowed for a friend. I arrived at work a teeny bit worried that I’d step off the bike and fall, my legs were so tired. (But I didn’t walk up the hill!) But by the time I reached the door to dismount, I was fine. My mood had been forcibly worked off, I think.

I’m happy to say I also now have an inside parking spot. I wheel my bike into the hallway and then through the door immediately left leading to the garage/shop. Then I sort of manhandle my bike behind that door with its front wheel skewed. It’s a tight fit, but completely out of the way, in a space were dripping won’t matter if it rains. No more sitting outside collecting lot dust, yay!

For the first time on my bike, my hands got cold (with my gloves, I mean). I was wearing my pink kid gloves. I wonder if, being solid color, they are somehow thinner than my multi-color striped gloves? The stripes did fine both to and from work this afternoon, which I don’t think was any warmer than the trip home this morning. I didn’t wear a hat, but the first trip in the dark this morning had my ears unhappy about it. I’ve also noticed my sneakers starting to show their age. My right shoe now has a small hole where the fabric is separating on the outside of the crease where the toe bends. My gorgeous white shoes from Uncle Jimmy are still pristine- I’m afraid to wear them and make them dirty…

Jamie just received his birthday presents today from his dad. My father in-law has an awesome sense of humor. Jamie’s gift arrived in this bag:

He got a T-shirt that said he loves animals, but he’d pound the hell out of a beaver. It’s hilarious, but I honestly don’t know if Jamie will ever wear it, hehe. However, I’m definitely inclined to wear mine on particularly bad days:

People say I have a bad attitude…

Should have removed the sticker. Oh well. It’s one step worse than the black shirt I have with green letters that says “People say I have a bad attitude. Those people are stupid.” I love it.

And since I’m feeling better, I’ll share a picture from the end of last week. The clouds actually were gorgeous before they expanded to blot out the warm light with their gloomy grayness. The weatherguesser says we may see the sun on Friday. It seems so far away…!

Also, Questionable Content  is awesome! Jamie made sure I saw this one, of course.

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