Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hoppy Halloween

The kids on my bus brought their pumpkins home sometime last week. Not everyoe had one to show off, but the ones who did made up for it.

These three images are all the same pumpkin! He carved two sports symbols (bronco and falcon, sorry, I didn't recognize the bronco...) and his initial, and the pumpkin wasn't even weak and falling under its own weight. Mastercutter, that one.

This fun goofy face fit very well with its owner, I would say. If she could speak, her voice or personality would match, I think.

And these last two pictures are also the same pumpkin. I wonder when the last time I cut more than one image into one was?

And here is me today! I spent literally all night (Jamie said 10 hours) putting it together from scratch with no pattern, and I walked out the door to work after just finishing the gloves. My hands and feet were supposed to have cute frog-toes on them, but I simply ran out of time.

The temperature said it was up to 74 today. I was definitely hot, but it wasn't unbearable in all that fleece. I did lower my zipper a little and occasionally unsnap the hood to let my poor neck breathe and cool me off better, but no big deal. Biking in this outfit was no problem at all since a breeze could hit my skin through the fleece a little bit. I do admit that the morning ride in was downright comfortable except for my hands. 

I've decided that fingerless gloves are the invention of some weirdo who must not have had feeling in his hands- there is no point to them at all. If anything I need the finger mitten and not the rest of a glove. 

I only got sleepy with the last 2 kids on the bus, and thankfully it didn't last long. However, I am now 36 hours awake and a bit foggy to say the least. I have laundry to hang up and then the king size bed with two puppies on it definitely has my name on it.


  1. OMG that's awesome. You know i love the orange boots and gloves i'm glad you ran out of time lol. Wish i could have seen the faces of the drivers seeing you on your way to work. Did you get the pictures of your sisters and niece I texted ya?

    1. I did not! Try again, or put them on Facebook maybe. I got tons of "nice costume!" along with honks, laughs, and even one honest "what are you supposed to be?"

  2. WOW!!! That costume is awesome. It's more attention grabbing than a reflective road vest. Certainly should get you noticed pedaling along at o'dark:thirty in the am rush, nice job. And now we know why the tree frog has red eyes... it's from lack of sleep. LOL =)Great post. What grades are the kids that carved the pumpkins? I've never seen carved pumkins coming home on the bus.

    1. I know two of them are freshmen in high school, and I'm not sure about the funnyface carver. I was surprised to see carved pumpkins too, I had thought they might be painted or something. Personally, I think it's awesome, and I made sure they were all very carefully stowed for the ride home.