Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pascal Goes East

He's not Fifel and he traveled the opposite direction, but I think this little lizard could star in his own movie.

Meet the cast: a Beagle with a nose for adventure named Grunt, a human Charlie to operate the vehicle going East under the guise of  helping his daughter, and the deaf old Jack Russel who distracts everyone with constant grumpy growling and therefore protects the adventurous Pacal.

Traffic was sometimes slow...

And the terrain was sometimes terrifying. Yes, that diagonal stripe is the road, and yes, Pascal is afraid of heights when they are THAT big.

Clinging to the window for dear life. Please oh please don't fall off the road.

Hassling the driver. Did we HAVE to go up that Wall of Death? Yes, we made it, but its a good thing I wasn't riding here when we were going up it. By the way, the smudge on the window... um... that's a bug you smushed. Wasn't me. 

What strange creatures live in the desert. Too hot for Pascal, no thanks. Onward!

This could be a nice place.

Yay for modern conveniences!


Hrm. I see the light! I want out!

Traveling is tiring. The grumpy dog makes a comfy bed if he falls asleep first. Shh.

Hanging out with the other driver. He seems like a fun guy too.

This place is too flat. And salty. I would call it the Salt Flats, I think. Anyone got a drink handy?

My turn to drive!

A pretty end to the day.

A lizard's vision isn't great, but can you make out the Morton Salt girl on the side of that building?

Pascal doesn't see well in the dark, but the rest of the trip was uneventful. He made it to Colorado, but perhaps we'll need to fill in the gap for an actual movie. For now he'll just make a scrapbook, perhaps.

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