Friday, November 25, 2011

Wish List

I don't really expect anyone to exchange gifts for Christmas this year due to so many of us moving. Also, the family has gone more and more to the realistic notion of giving gifts to the children (which keep multiplying!) and the adults just enjoying each other's company. Still, a general wishlist is a good thing to have, I think. I didn't like Google's shopping wishlist because you have to actually find a specific item online, and the search function is very limiting. It couldn't find Schwan's Bagel Dogs, and that is a very easy product to find in general, but the shopping thing just showed me dog beds. Um, no. So I've created a Google document that I could link to. This is better since I can edit it.

I still feel foolish and selfish for posting this, but I was keeping this list in my phone, and since switching phones I'd have to retype the memo note. The list is for me too, to remember what things I'd like to have someday (or now, in the case of those food items. What can I say, I'm goofy).

If someone felt like peeking at my list, you can find the Wishlist link in my profile, listed at the top above the About Me section.
Or click here.

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